Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Lunch at Aunty Pat's Pantolo Cafe

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Lunch was at the local restaurant cafe located inside the ranch; and is probably the only option for those who are waiting in eager anticipation for their tours to start (yes, like us!)
I love the simple decor of the cafe; and though the choices for food may be slightly limited, they are still not too bad. (Oh, I do like the homey name of the cafe too; probably to spice up that ranch feel factor?)

We had our lunch at Aunty Pat's Pantolo Cafe.

Grilled fish with corn cob

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Can't remember how much this cost; think it was about USD$8-9 per plate?
This is a single portion, but it could very well feed the two of us!:-)

I didn't set much expectation for the food; perhaps due to the excitement or the holiday mood?
However, the grilled fish, sans the oily bit, was surprisingly quite good!

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Unfortunately, I can't say the same for the corn cob :-(
A pity, since I love corn cob usually!

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After lunch, we waited for another half an hour before making our way to embark on our tour, yeah!

To be continued...

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