Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Lunch the Japanese way - Bento

We have all heard about those cute and neat way of the Japanese packing their lunches into boxes; which they call as a bento set.
It is something similar to what we pack in our lunch boxes when we were children; remember those sections in the box where we categorize or place the different food?

The Japanese bento is just exactly like that; only a little more elegant in their presentation (or at least it is for the adults - I think some do use cute cartoon bento boxes too!)

The bento box which was set on the table caught my eye; as it really did look exquisite and alluring, making it hard to resist having lunch :)
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I admired the box so much that if I could, I would bring it home with me!

When I opened up to see what had been prepared for our lunch, I was impressed with the contents as much as the exterior of the box.
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I didn't have the heart to dig into my food as I admired the way they were so beautifully placed.

There are about three to four types of dishes to accompany the fragrant and deliciously unique sticky Japanese white rice.

Tempura prawns
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Huge and juicy, the prawns were fresh and lend a sweet taste to the meal.

Chicken breast, seaweed and tamago (egg)
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Creamy salmon and pickles
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The rice also tasted different, and it just reminds me again and again why bento is so alluring.
I will never forget this bento, nor will I look at bento the same way again!

To be continued...

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