Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Sayonara Nihon-Koku!~

After a whole week of business trip to both of the most popular countries in Asia (and the most wanted to visit places in most traveler's list), it is time to finally bid goodbye.
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Japan has been a truly memorable and enjoyable place to visit, and despite the short time I spent here, I was glad that I had the opportunity to have been in the busy streets of metropolitan Tokyo and seen the trends of the young and bold fashionistas.
I am also proud and happy that I have been to one of the world's largest fish market; Tsukiji despite not being a big fan of markets at all.

Everything I have heard and read about Japan; the culture, the people, the food are just as what they have been described.
It is a place I would want to visit another time, and again.

I have felt comfortable and welcomed in the Land of the Rising Sun, and I am sure I will be back again.

I missed the trip badly when I was sitting in the airport, and watching as planes take off one by one (spot JAL - Japan Airlines in the photo)
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I missed home too, but Japan will always remain as one of my favorite places (I have visited)

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