Monday, April 21, 2014

Taiwan Travelogue: What we ate in Wulai

Wulai's compact little town has much to offer; from its scenic wonders to the aboriginal culture and local products, not to mention the beautiful and naturally clean hot springs, all are just part of the town's treasures which just sends it rocketing to Taiwan's list of attractions.

It was truly memorable touring around this town, and it was love at first sight with the beautiful jade green waters to the enchanting little town and then to the captivating Wulai Falls, there is just nothing in this town that could truly disappoint an excited tourist like me.

After the visit to the waterfalls, we took a stroll back towards the main town of Wulai, with more of the little town's local scenes greeting us along the way.
(These were the scenes we missed when we took the train up to the falls).

The many hot spring resorts on the streets of Wulai

Crossing over the bridge, back to the main town

If you weren't hungry when you arrived at Wulai, you'd definitely be hearing the rumbles in your tummy when you pass through the town which is brimming with the food stalls, offering the local produces of fruits and vegetables and their famous products on sale amidst the small eateries, where woks are tossed with the clanging sounds of the ladles as the locals cook up a typical local meal for their customers.

Local products of Wulai on sale

Packets of muar chee (or similar to Japanese Mochi) on sale - this is one of the popular local products here.

The aroma from the open kitchens as we walked through the marketplace in the town was a temptation especially during lunch hours. Nevertheless one ought to experience the local tastes by trying out their cuisines while here.
We picked out this little eatery shop, out of the many available and looked forward to an interesting lunch.

This seemed to be a rather popular dish which was spotted at most of the stalls.

Mix Fry of the baby shrimps and fish

While I am a fan of seafood, I can't say that I understood the tastes of these little things as I was just not so into the idea of biting into them, nor can I enjoy the tastes. Perhaps these are just not my plate of meal?

Wild mountain vegetables stir fry with fried anchovies

These were really crunchy, and was quite an interesting vegetable which I thoroughly enjoyed.

Another interesting thing to try out in Wulai is the Bamboo Tube Rice (竹筒飯)

This was considered to be local delicacy; which constitute of steamed rice (somewhat sticky rice) with sweet corn in a bamboo wrapped with aluminum foil.

This was the vegetable we ordered; translated to Mountain Vegetable from its Chinese characters.

Wulai was truly a beautiful town and is worth a visit, for even the most skeptical would be converted into nature scenes lover upon stepping into this little town off Taipei.
Be prepared to spend at least half a day here, to take in what Wulai has to offer and bring home with you the scenic views embedded in your mind and photographs, the local products and the tastes and memories to last and to bring that smile to your face each time you look back at your snapshots from this town~

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