Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Taiwan Travelogue: Tamsui Fisherman's Wharf and Lovers' Bridge

Tamsui Fisherman's Wharf(淡水漁人碼頭) is located downstream across from the Tamsui town where one can enjoy a ferry ride to reach the location, and is an image of modern chic as compared to the memory lane down the Old Street of Tamsui.
Boardwalk, al fresco dining, modern coffee shops, and seafood restaurants are part of the residents in this part of the town and some of the prices here can be rather appalling to the locals themselves, though may turn to be appealing to some of the tourists.

It seemed that tourism has taken a toll on the town; and it is not surprising, since most of the faces in this part of the town are mostly from the touristy crowds, excited to explore the local attractions the place has to offer.

One of the major attractions and the main crowd puller is the Lovers' Bridge in the background as one approaches the pier.
The bridge's design is modeled after a ship's sailing mast; with its single tower cable span and at a glance, it did not seem much that it was made in relation to any notion of romance nor is it in any way a symbol. However, the bridge's unique feature is highlighted at night as it changes its colors in illuminating motion and is a favorite spot for couples/lovers.
The area is filled with chic restaurants and cafes, and is a major attraction for the young and hip generation.

The architecture of the bridge

Some of the interesting 'love messages' or notes spotted near the end of the Lovers' Bridge

A Lover's Bell?

One can choose to dine here, or just walk around and enjoy the breeze and the views of the wharf.
Of course, there is the ferry schedule to take note of, with the last boat departing back to the Tamsui town at 5.00pm.

Wherever you are in this part of the town, the Lover's Bridge is bound to take a place in the background of most of your photographs. After all, it is the main landmark to look out for here.
A final glimpse of the bridge as we depart back to the town.

A panoramic view

The best part is, the Sunset view which is just magnificent (I am a fan of sunsets and sunrises!:-)

The Fisherman's Wharf is mainly famed for its views of the wharf and the architectural bridge in the background with its element of romance, and of course, if you are into the seafood dining on the wharf. The other thing, though not less important would be the picturesque views of the sunset as it slowly renders its glow while retiring in the background.

It is no wonder that Tamsui is highly recommended for its sunset views, with an amazing cast of shadows from the sun on the waters, it is just picture perfect for sunset lovers!~

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