Thursday, November 27, 2014

Hoover Dam reminds me of...



Yes, remember that classic scene in the first installation of the movie where the gigantic leaders of both the Autobots and Decepticons; Optimus Prime and Megatron were hot on each other's tracks like they were in a cat-and-mouse chase? (Maybe cat and mouse did not seem to be such an apt description for two gigantic bots, but you get the idea)
They were tumbling after each other; practically, over the high boulders and the upstream, gates, well, pretty much all over the place.


Those images stuck in my mind for years and when I was heading towards the entrance of this prominently featured dam, believe it or not, that was the first thing that came to my mind.
That was how profound of an effect from that movie, and I believe the producers and filmmakers of the movie would be very pleased to hear that, and extremely proud of themselves.
I was even half expecting Optimus and Megatron to continue their battle; and unleash more destruction around the mighty dam when I was there - such imagination.

Hoover Dam was definitely built to withstand such pressures though; not destruction I mean, but the might and resilience of the structure was definitely eminent, holding the breath and awe of every visitor.

The dam, is more than 70 years old; from its birth between the years of 1931 and 1936 and its construction was massive with the efforts of more than a thousand workers, and claimed more than a hundred lives during the process.
It is devastating to learn of loss of lives involved in the establishment of the famous dam; as with most of the other complex buildings and landmarks in the world. These are the unsung heroes; the ones we did not know who put their lives into presenting a prominent landmark to the world today.

The Dam was dedicated by the ruling President Franklin Roosevelt during his time; on the 30th September 1935 but it was after the former President Herbert Hoover the dam was named after, raising much controversies back then.

Lake Mead, the largest reservoir by volume in the whole of the United States were confined within the territories of the Hoover Dam, making the dam one of the most important water storage areas in the country.

Hoover Dam is not just important for its water storage capability, but was also designed to serve its multiple purposes of storing, retaining, regulating the water, flood control and also the source of hydroelectric power generation  

On top of all that, Hoover Dam ranks as one of the tourist attractions and recreational area; witnessing more than  a million tourists annually.

Controversies surround the name of the dam; where the locals refer to the dam interchangeably between the officially named Hoover Dam and the Boulder Dam, with reference to its location near the Boulder City of Nevada and the neighboring Boulder Canyon.

Wedged between the two canyons; Black Canyon and Boulder Canyon, it is more precise to point that the location of the dam was in the Black Canyon, where the famous Colorado River runs.


It is interesting to note that this is not just any ordinary dam; which we already know by now (as I conjure images of the giant bots once again), following its remarkably captured photo-worthy location in Hollywood movies and apart from the entertainment aspect, this is also the world's 38th largest hydroelectric generation site.


Thus with a reputation like that, it is definitely not surprising to learn that the dam is safely guarded and protected by their very own police force; officially known as the Bureau of Reclamation Police, a federal police force and regularly known as Hoover Dam's police.


Due to the importance of the dam, the federal police were delegated and dedicated to protect the integrity of the dam's purpose and establishment, along maintaining the security within the dam; safeguarding the place from possible crimes and acts of terrorism.
Collaborating with the security guards of the Bureau of Reclamation, the police scrutinize the access to the reclamation facilities and conduct routine checks throughout the restricted areas on the premises to maintain the safety of the site.


The infamous terrorist attack which took place on the 11th September 2001 led to the expedition of the construction of the Hoover Dam Bypass project; which was intended to reroute the U.S Route 93 above the Hoover Dam due to the dangers and risks it imposed based on the location as advised by the officials and also the incapacity of the route to hold the projected traffic volume across the top of the dam where it was situated.


The arch bridge; the major link or the key to the Hoover Dam Bypass project, is also known,or rather, originally known as the Mike O' Callaghan - Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge (named after Mike O'Callaghan, the governor of Nevada and Pat Tillman, a football player from Arizona who went on to serve the United States Army, later perished in a fire).

The list of interesting trivia surrounding the dam are anything but limited, as the vast areas on the premises beckon to the important roles they play to the country.


If you ever want to be in two places at the same time; this would be it, as Hoover Dam is located in the Black Canyon of the Colorado River, which runs on the border of both the states of Nevada and Arizona.

Voila, as Landon would say to Jamie, "You're in Two Places at Once"

(Quote from A Walk to Remember)

Now, that would be a nicer way to picture Hoover Dam than purely mega battles, wouldn't it? 


Thursday, October 16, 2014

What I Like (Or Not) About Las Vegas


Las Vegas, or Sin City, whichever you call it, is a much publicized city in the movies, commercials, anecdotes, that it has risen to that prime spot for reputation internationally.
So much has gone into that fame that Vegas is today a world tourist destination, and I am sure the locals couldn't be more pleased (in whichever context) with that pouring fortune coming in from all the tourism and of course, the investments in their luck here at the well-established landmarks surrounding the center of the city.

Like many around the world (I am sure many have the same initial perception as well), Vegas, to me, is this city of entertainment and filled with many 'interesting' activities; particularly skewed towards the more adventurous side.
The city is like a large Wheel of Fortune to me; where one can spin or look all around the city and rest his/her eyes on something that would catch their eye or that probably just looks fun, in their very own perception.
It sounds like there is something for everyone to do in Vegas, but to be honest, is that really as they make it out to be or is it just another promotional tag for the travel brochures?

For many, there is no doubt Sin City has its own foundations to build to its reputation/name and it is definitely not wrong to land in that perception. Gambling, or trying their luck at making it big at their fortunes (as they call it) is just one of the vices to begin with. Gambling sounds like a harsh word, definitely, but we are not far from the truth. To soften the allegation of the negative aura surrounding the word, it would definitely be more acceptable to look at it, or even refer to it as one's attempt to try their luck.

Sampling your luck, or just taking it up as a challenge is probably a fun way to look at it, and it certainly is when one is just simply in it for the fun. However, often some get too carried away that they no longer focus on the fun and have indulged in the commitment to the table; staying confined to that space until they have lost focus on their loss and are intent on continuous investment of their fortune, just betting on luck. Scientifically, it is not all about luck when it comes to gambling, as there is a certain probability tied to it, but that is only made known to certain individuals who probably wrote a thesis on it (and made big fortunes with their science knowledge).
The point is, when one starts to believe seriously and lose themselves (and money) in changing their luck, and lives on that table, that is when this becomes a vice, and negatively so.

I am not an advocate of gambling; never was, and that was probably why I had never see that as one of the attractions in Vegas. That is just me, though I do find it fascinating the creativity invested in these fortune makers and masterminds behind the casinos, in coming up with many different types of modes/machines/avenues to cajole people from all over the world and we are talking about diversity here in masses, to just place their bets (their fortune) to contribute to these folks' fortunes.
Walking through the casinos, I would never be even tempted to even attempt a coin slot to try my luck; simply because I am not just a strong believer of pure luck.
(That's probably a different topic altogether, and it's not because I am just so negative about the lack of luck or anything like that). Neither am I a weak-willed person who cannot control myself and just fall into temptations; no, it's just not like that. I just don't like to gamble, or placing my trust and fortune on a machine/table, period.

There may be many people enjoying it, but I am saying, that if it doesn't lead to any negative emotions or situations, then it would be considered fun, otherwise, I am not sure that I like the idea of how it changes a person to the darker side.

Las Vegas can be a very vibrant city that comes to life, especially at night, obviously.
I liked how happening and lively the city is like, but at the same time, it could get a little rowdy and packed at the same time. Crowds can be suffocating, merry, gay and yet disturbing all in the same context. I probably made this sound confusing, but you get the idea.
It can be exhilarating and adrenaline-pumping to see how excited people get, and how people are just so open and fun to be around with in the large crowds. It is as though there are no boundaries; it does not matter where you are from, who you are, why you are here - everyone is just there to have fun.
That is the interesting part about Vegas, or even United States for that matter, where total strangers could be hugging or placing that high-five and just start a conversation with anyone in a friendly manner just right there on the spot.
Loud music are playing everywhere in Vegas, and that's where people would sing or even dance along, mind you, and it's all normal to see dancing on the streets.
It is just pure FUN, and I am amazed at how people are able to take that term "Let your hair down" to that extent, and I just love that concept.

At the same time, some could tend to get too close to comfort, especially the drunk crowd or those over-friendly people and social problems tend to come to mind. It is no-brainer that one has to watch out for their belongings; not just in Vegas, of course, but it is good to put your guard on (especially if you are a lady) when being pushed around or shoved(probably squeezed a little) in that mass of crowds. Definitely not for the claustrophobics, I would say.

There are just so many things to look forward to in Vegas, as I have covered in my previous articles, and I am sure there are more on others' lists compared to mine.
It is all about fun, and having a good time in this city, as we have all seen in movies depicting the atmosphere of the city (and it is always at night, if you have noticed because that is when the city really, really comes to life) and I can't say I fully disagree.
That's probably why the city is a little over the top in the commercialization part; and to a certain extent, the city probably is just too commercialized to my liking.
It is not a bad thing, of course, particularly for the financial and commercial growth of the city but when things become provocatively commercialized, identity takes on a different turn and in a totally different light.

In a nutshell, Vegas is a city which is just so full of life and excitement that it is not for the conservatives or the faint-hearted.

Visit Vegas with an open mind, and take in what the city has to offer rather than setting your very own levels of expectations, just like how traveling ought to be anyway, wherever you go.
Some may not find it is their cup of tea, but hey, at least, you have seen Vegas in her true form and you can say, "Been there, done that" and tick it off your bucket list.

I have been to Vegas, and yeah, done that, definitely! :-)

And remember, Vegas, is a large, Wheel of Fortune, spin it around, and take in from all around the angles!

The Other(Less) Sinful Things to Do in Las Vegas

From my last article, the name Las Vegas seems to make one scream 'Casinos and Night Entertainment' and that was probably all one could think about when in this city.
The thing is, Las Vegas is not all about the casinos; the need to get rich fast or the wedding Drive-In, where people can just wed in minutes in that drive-through style or even the party-all-night and or just knock yourself out with the booze.
It is just the hype that Vegas is so commonly associated with the commercialization and the branding that one might not see beyond the other things that this city probably has to offer.

Now I am not an expert to be exact to explore into the details of the attractions of Vegas, and just purely based on my personal experiences while I was there in person in this so-called Sin City.
Undeniably, the publicity surrounding the city is all about the fun and letting your hair down while here is pulling the crowds in, especially over the weekends like magnets.
It's just electrifying to see how the locals and tourists alike throng the city, eager to get a piece of it while they are here.

Obviously from my article on Vegas, it is not hard to tell that I am not that party-hard nor am I a casino frequent visitor (definitely not a gambler, or an advocate of fast cash); not that I am bashing casinos but I am not quite sure I am voting for them either.
Anyway, so what's a non-casino or party goer to do when in this city which seems to practically breathes these in the air?

Plenty, I found that there are still things one could do, outside the gambling, the luck sampling, the booze and all that partying.
So, I have come up with my own list of other sinful things to do, probably less sinful (but still a little on that edge of being a sinner in its own ways)

My List of Other Sinful (Or Less Sinful) Things to Do besides the Casinos

1. Indulge, in the good food and choose from the varieties of food outlets (Yeah, Gluttony is a Sin too, in case you didn't know)
    If you are into good buffets and really want to splurge, go for the famous Bacchanal Buffet
    (Caesars Palace)
    This is one memorable buffet and one that could make one feels like in heaven.
    Oh, be ready to queue and wait for your turn in line.
    (While I never like to queue for my food, I'm ready to give this an exception).



2. Go Shopping (Sin: Greed, Lust, Envy, Pride) - (Did you even know shopping could stir up all these inner sins or that it belongs to this many category of sins?
Neither did I, until I did this list!)

 From International luxury designer brands to great steals (at the Premium Outlets), there is just something to look forward to and just lose your head in.
Oh yes, even if you are not buying anything, get your heads spinning with all that window shopping, lust after the coveted items on the brand new arrivals in the display windows.
Take away one more item from Vegas, buy something? You really don't mind another bag or a dress?
Yes, breathe in all that greed, lust after that overpriced designer good, envy those who walk out with a shopping bag and be proud if you have one yourself! (or perhaps bathe in that pride, even imagining you had purchased something from Vegas, baby!)


3. Enjoy chilling out in your hotel, or just book into a good one and take in the lights from your room's window (after you are done walking down the streets in the city)
It calls for a little Sloth in action, well, what else is new?
If you are in Vegas, you're definitely not here to stress yourself out, right?
(Unless you're on a business trip or here to make a fortune, but either way, you're supposed to be chilling out after all that, or meditating all that positivity in before heading to the jackpot?)
And by the way, what on earth are you doing here on a business trip? Just kidding!

4. Walk through the Casinos  (Resist that Greed!)
    No temptation at all, if you are Not into gambling at all, like me.
    Still, a good exercise to test that will power, and to watch all the cool actions taking place.
    (Watch the excitement, the anxiety, the laughter and the "I'm gonna be rich tonight" expressions    plastered all over the hovering tenants)


5. See that Pole Dancing in Action
   I am in awe of these amazing dancers who are just confident in their moves.
   Before you scream feminism comments or think this is about discriminating the weaker sex, it's really not. I trust in the women rights as well, and I have to say, pole dancing ought to be viewed with an open mind. It is a highly challenging dance, and it is simply not easy to wrap oneself around that pole with such grace and agility.
What makes it sexy is the beautiful moves, and the confidence in these dancers, and not the conventional way of viewing it.


6. 'Travel around the world' - enjoy the replicas of the cities all assembled here in Vegas!
    Snap photos, this place is just Instagram worthy to brag that "I'm here!"
 Now I am in Rome and Vegas, at the same time! How cool's that?

7. Enjoy the Free Shows which take place along the streets
   Not all the shows in Vegas are charged, you'll be surprised at the amazing shows they put on to capture the crowd's attention on the streets.


8. Take in all the Nightlife excitement and the neon lights


Do whatever you want, just let Vegas lead you to her alluring side.
(You don't have to do illegal stuffs to have fun, and I am sure we are all sane enough to know the boundaries).

Let your hair loose, and just chill, relax...after all, this IS Vegas! :-)

This is purely based on my personal experiences and views, and may differ according to different individuals' preferences.
I am not responsible for the difference or lack of fun if you dislike this list, just saying.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

This is Vegas, Baby!

Dazzling and bright neon lights, flashing laser lights in the background, iconic and gaily dressed buildings, casinos, vibrant nightlife and buzzing crowds of hip partying people are all just the images conjured in the mind synonymous with the mere mention of the Sin City.

It leaves little to imagination as to how the term is coined in association with the city of Las Vegas; with the flamboyant introduction to the lively city.

The lively images spring to life at the very moment one enters the city; or shall I say, even as one approaches the city while greeted by the vast desert plains passing by in motion like moving slides one after another.


Las Vegas, or the Sin City, was very much as I had imagined it would be, or it could be, in a way, a little less than what I had hoped it would turn out to be.
Simply put, it did not defer much from its vivid description about the city and that sets the expectations right in terms of the first impressions of the city upon arrival and the bedazzling scenes of the life surrounded by casinos (yes, have you not heard?) and the happening entertainment shows, just to name a few.


Heading to this buzzing city on a Friday evening just spells disaster, as traffic builds up with the average local Americans along the same coast making their way for a weekend getaway, though the moving traffic was probably something to be thankful for (compared to our horrendous traffic back home on Friday nights); so disaster at the start of this paragraph was just to create that picture to make an impression not to make this same mistake as me.

A trip to Vegas on a weekday would probably be better, if you are not an avid traffic fan, but then again, where's the fun when there's no buzz right?


This city is just so happening that it leaves little to wonder if the people here ever get to sleep.

Loud music blaring everywhere, laser lights and crowds, just masses of people all around you are probably my very own descriptive experience of how I view the Sin City.

From the inviting covens luring you with big promises of lucrative fast cash where loud sounds from the machines and stacks of chips in hand blinds your judgment as you dreams of making it big (and not having to work anymore) to the bewitching prances of the waitresses serving the drinks and of course, the seductive and incredibly sexy moves of the professional pole dancers can just make one's jaw drop, literally (and I mean it in a good way), and all these surrounded by plenty of glasses clinking arounds. No prize for guessing what is in them, and they are definitely not juices or plain water, in case you are wondering.


P1300207_Fotor Gambling? Checked
Booze? Checked
Partying? Checked
Entertainment/Shows?  Checked

If you are still wondering why this is Sin City, well, maybe the word Sin may mean something else to you and you might want to refer to a dictionary or the Bible, if you may.

I would say it takes plenty and plenty of strong will to stay sane, and of course, saintly in this city surrounded by all forms of temptations.
You may not need to head for a canonization just yet, for if you are not into stuffs like these, like me, you could just enjoy a stroll in the city, taking in the atmosphere of this highly-publicized city and also experience for yourself the insights Vegas has to offer.

It probably is not my cup of tea, but an eye-opener it indeed was.

For all its high ratings of commercialization and over publicity, Vegas is not just a city for the faint-hearted.

It is truly an entertainment in its own form; as it stands with all the glaring lights from the menacing buildings guarding the city, slyly beckoning to those who dare to enter, and leave, proudly smiling that they have conquered the city and emerged undefeated by the traps of losing their entire fortune.
And of course, rather than calling it notoriously as a Sin City and just associating it with all those negative vices and vibes can be rather daunting for the poor city.

Take it with a positive style; and Vegas can just be as enchanting as it may appear as though one is about to step on unholy grounds.

For all it's worth, Las Vegas is definitely a happening city, and revel in the flamboyant lifestyles once you get past the crowds...Of course the crowds are just part of what forms that identity of the city.

From high end designer brands to luxurious restaurants, there is just endless to the temptations this city has to offer.


Imagine having a city filled with the full-sized and almost realistic replicas of world-famous landmarks (think Fontana de Trevi) or even a remake of the entire city in this city itself; that leaves many in awe as one could be wandering parts of Rome and then into the canals of Venice right here in Vegas.






Traipsing the cities can be a rather captivating ride, and surrounded by the fashionable dwellers or entertainers dressed to the nines can indeed make one feel out of place; if you are here in casual form, you would definitely feel a little under-dressed among the party-goers and the stylish crowd.
After all, it is a Friday night and everywhere in the world, it just spells party night after a whole week of work.

Oh, and in case you didn't know, Las Vegas is also a place where you can get married instantly, and therefore, do not be surprised if you find brides and bridal entourage right in the middle of town.

Everything seems possible right here in this city and at a glance, it does indeed seem like a city where dreams can come true(depending on the right or wrong direction?), and in case you are still mystified, this is Vegas, Baby!


Need I say more?

Disclaimer from author: 
While it may seem like everything is like a dream, irresponsible behaviors and indulgence in illegal activities are still as they are, Illegal.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

A Seafood Lunch at Pier Market

A visit to Fisherman's Wharf and Pier 39 is not complete without enjoying a seafood meal in an area where fishermen and the fishing trade dwell; hauling in the abundant fresh catch from the sea every single day.

Voted as the "Best Seafood in San Francisco" by the KRON 4 TV Best of the Bay as proudly publicized on their homepage, Pier Market boasts of their fresh seafood served in their very own distinguished styles guaranteed to leave that memorable tastes in their guests' minds (and mouths, of course).



Be welcomed by the warm ambiance as one steps into the restaurant's dining area, where live seafood swim in the tanks at the front of the restaurant which is decked in wooden furnishing.
The casual-dining environment with a light note of elegance in the concept of their interior sends that very message intended by the Simmons family; the founder and developer of Pier 39 and also of this place, and Pier Market Seafood Restaurant has been in operation for more than three decades; managed by the 3rd generation of the family.


One can also choose to enjoy the cool breezy environment in their open concept of alfresco dining; where tables and chairs are laid out under the signature blue shades from the awning, allowing the friendly rays of the sun to shine through amidst the cheerful colors of the garden flowers dancing gaily in the weather. Besides enjoying the food, one can take in the atmosphere of Pier 39 and of the visitors taking a stroll down the wood board floors of the marina.


We chose to dine inside as the breeze was a little too chilly for us tropical climate dwellers, and we made ourselves comfortable as we enjoyed the view from the observation deck which provided scenes of the overall Pier 39 and the famous islands.

Started the meal with their fresh Sourdough Garlic Bread


The term fresh was definitely apt to describe this soft pillowy texture of the bread lined with the crackling crisp outer layer. The firm yet brittle bite of the crust was a perfect complement to the chewy and spongy white bed, and is good enough to enjoy on its own.
Garlic butter is provided as well, as with most bread baskets to start the meal.


One of their house specialties and definitely a unique option to start the meal is their
Crab Cakes ($12.95)


Served with Cajun Remoulade, the well-battered moulds stuffed to the brim with the moist minced crab paste was rather the distinct offering compared to those usually found in the Thai cuisine.
The generously sized crab cakes were mixed with their home recipe, providing that luscious taste of the crab paste which melts in one's mouth against the flaky crumbs adorning the outer skin will definitely leave one with that memorable longing for a second bite.
Try it with a squeeze of lemon and with that special cajun remoulade, and you will be hooked.


Pier Market Mixed Grill $23.95 was a modest platter combining the grill of fresh Salmon, fresh swordfish and shrimp skewer, served along with cole slaw and rice.
(One can opt to have this in Cajun Style, Teriyaki or BBQ Glazed and to serve with either rice or garlic buttered new potatoes).


Slightly left a little longer on the grill which gave it that slight overcooked tastes, the platter is still a good option for one who would like a little more variety of the seafood in one single serving.
I definitely enjoyed not having to choose between salmon and their fresh swordfish and even shrimps, and the serving left us satisfied, though the grill could be improved with a lighter touch.

We were treated to this cookie at the end of the meal; complimentary from the restaurant to polish our overall meal.


We found the shop selling this a few doors away from the restaurant :-)


With the many seafood restaurants around Pier 39 to storm you dizzy with choices for meals, one can easily stumble upon any restaurant and for us, I must say that my lucky stars helped me to decide on Pier Market which turned out to be a good one to add that finishing touch to my experience on Pier 39, Fisherman's Wharf and definitely of San Francisco too.

After all, more than 30 years of operation definitely says something about Pier Market, doesn't it?
Looking forward to visiting again on my next trip :-)

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Fisherman's Wharf, Pier 39 and the Seals

The fishermen neighborhood complete with the fleet of fishing boats docked by the bay, their well-polished hulls glistening in the sun, and windy sea breeze blowing against the flapping tiny flags amidst the bustling urban modernization of a well-established commercial center and marina aptly describes the famous Fisherman's Wharf of San Francisco.

Dating back to its early history from the days of the Gold Rush in San Francisco which drew a crowd of migrating Italian fishermen to the coast eager to earn from the flowing opportunities, Fisherman's Wharf has seen generations of bidding fishermen until this very day. The early boats in sign were emblematic of the Italian's common fishing boats; known as feluccas, seen bobbing up and down along the bay as the early ancestors of these fishermen scour the coast for their catch. The lateen-rigged sailboats, or the feluccas represent the identity of the fishermen, or as they were modeled in the same build and design known to the fishermen as in their very homeland.
The fishing boats were not the only thing these fishermen brought, as they serenaded the bay with their songs; one that was beautifully and hauntingly melodious, as their common language of communication which can even be heard over the thick shrouds of fog.

Most of the fishermen settled down in the area close to the wharf and the fishing industry continues until this very day, by the great grandchildren known to be the descendants of the early fisher folks , in this very area, forming the heart of the Fisherman's Wharf with their unmistakable sights of fishing fleet and turning the place into one of the dearest attractions in San Francisco among the locals and tourists.


Pier 39 is the most well-known pier located at the edge of Fisherman's Wharf; bringing to life the commercialization of a shopping establishment forming the pulse of this very marina itself along with the seafood restaurants, souvenir shops, video arcade, aquarium all being part of the list of attractions.
The popular tourist attraction was the brainchild of entrepreneur Warren Simmons and was officially open to the public in the year 1978.




Pier 39 overlooks the tourists spots of Angel Island, Alcatraz Island (where the once notoriously famous prison was located), Bay Bridge and even the iconic Golden Gate Bridge which can be spotted on a clear day at this very marina.


Take a stroll down the wooden plank boards of Pier 39 among the tourists and locals and take in the lively environment set up by the local vendors running the shops here, while enjoying the cool and windy sea breeze blowing from the bay.
It can be quite a relaxing experience, and I can definitely see the appeal of this place and the reasons for its popularity. Friendly locals, interesting displays and merchandise, chilly sea breeze and scenic views from around the area are all just the few to name capturing one's attention while here on Pier 39.





Pier 39 is not just any ordinary pier filled with only the commercial aspects as it is also the home to the California Sea Lions which were originally spotted along the San Francisco Bay.
The seals have since found their new homes near Pier 39; hauling their body masses on the docks since the year 1989. While the reasons for their migration remains unclear, it was believed that the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake could be one of the starting points for the seals to move to their new homes; sheltered and being within a bay which provided more security to the families of seals.


The masses of sea lions resting on the docks quickly garnered public attention and the sight of these mammals became one of the tourist attraction as well.
Viewing docks are set up for one to take in the natural image of these live seals plopped on the wooden docks and it can be quite a daunting sight to watch the masses, or at least it was for me.



The marina is indeed full of its charms and life, as seen in the living pictures of the snapshots which are just capturing the tip of the essence of the offerings of Pier 39.
I am easily captivated by the simple view of a marina, with that picturesque scene of boats resting peacefully by the docks, and the occasional floating/bobbing motion which explains my personal fixation on this place.




As the sign says, Fisherman's Wharf and Pier 39 is definitely the pride and part of the soul of San Francisco's identity and definitely truly significant of the city itself.

What else says better about this City by the Bay than a visit to capture that view of life by the bay itself?


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