Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Other(Less) Sinful Things to Do in Las Vegas

From my last article, the name Las Vegas seems to make one scream 'Casinos and Night Entertainment' and that was probably all one could think about when in this city.
The thing is, Las Vegas is not all about the casinos; the need to get rich fast or the wedding Drive-In, where people can just wed in minutes in that drive-through style or even the party-all-night and or just knock yourself out with the booze.
It is just the hype that Vegas is so commonly associated with the commercialization and the branding that one might not see beyond the other things that this city probably has to offer.

Now I am not an expert to be exact to explore into the details of the attractions of Vegas, and just purely based on my personal experiences while I was there in person in this so-called Sin City.
Undeniably, the publicity surrounding the city is all about the fun and letting your hair down while here is pulling the crowds in, especially over the weekends like magnets.
It's just electrifying to see how the locals and tourists alike throng the city, eager to get a piece of it while they are here.

Obviously from my article on Vegas, it is not hard to tell that I am not that party-hard nor am I a casino frequent visitor (definitely not a gambler, or an advocate of fast cash); not that I am bashing casinos but I am not quite sure I am voting for them either.
Anyway, so what's a non-casino or party goer to do when in this city which seems to practically breathes these in the air?

Plenty, I found that there are still things one could do, outside the gambling, the luck sampling, the booze and all that partying.
So, I have come up with my own list of other sinful things to do, probably less sinful (but still a little on that edge of being a sinner in its own ways)

My List of Other Sinful (Or Less Sinful) Things to Do besides the Casinos

1. Indulge, in the good food and choose from the varieties of food outlets (Yeah, Gluttony is a Sin too, in case you didn't know)
    If you are into good buffets and really want to splurge, go for the famous Bacchanal Buffet
    (Caesars Palace)
    This is one memorable buffet and one that could make one feels like in heaven.
    Oh, be ready to queue and wait for your turn in line.
    (While I never like to queue for my food, I'm ready to give this an exception).



2. Go Shopping (Sin: Greed, Lust, Envy, Pride) - (Did you even know shopping could stir up all these inner sins or that it belongs to this many category of sins?
Neither did I, until I did this list!)

 From International luxury designer brands to great steals (at the Premium Outlets), there is just something to look forward to and just lose your head in.
Oh yes, even if you are not buying anything, get your heads spinning with all that window shopping, lust after the coveted items on the brand new arrivals in the display windows.
Take away one more item from Vegas, buy something? You really don't mind another bag or a dress?
Yes, breathe in all that greed, lust after that overpriced designer good, envy those who walk out with a shopping bag and be proud if you have one yourself! (or perhaps bathe in that pride, even imagining you had purchased something from Vegas, baby!)


3. Enjoy chilling out in your hotel, or just book into a good one and take in the lights from your room's window (after you are done walking down the streets in the city)
It calls for a little Sloth in action, well, what else is new?
If you are in Vegas, you're definitely not here to stress yourself out, right?
(Unless you're on a business trip or here to make a fortune, but either way, you're supposed to be chilling out after all that, or meditating all that positivity in before heading to the jackpot?)
And by the way, what on earth are you doing here on a business trip? Just kidding!

4. Walk through the Casinos  (Resist that Greed!)
    No temptation at all, if you are Not into gambling at all, like me.
    Still, a good exercise to test that will power, and to watch all the cool actions taking place.
    (Watch the excitement, the anxiety, the laughter and the "I'm gonna be rich tonight" expressions    plastered all over the hovering tenants)


5. See that Pole Dancing in Action
   I am in awe of these amazing dancers who are just confident in their moves.
   Before you scream feminism comments or think this is about discriminating the weaker sex, it's really not. I trust in the women rights as well, and I have to say, pole dancing ought to be viewed with an open mind. It is a highly challenging dance, and it is simply not easy to wrap oneself around that pole with such grace and agility.
What makes it sexy is the beautiful moves, and the confidence in these dancers, and not the conventional way of viewing it.


6. 'Travel around the world' - enjoy the replicas of the cities all assembled here in Vegas!
    Snap photos, this place is just Instagram worthy to brag that "I'm here!"
 Now I am in Rome and Vegas, at the same time! How cool's that?

7. Enjoy the Free Shows which take place along the streets
   Not all the shows in Vegas are charged, you'll be surprised at the amazing shows they put on to capture the crowd's attention on the streets.


8. Take in all the Nightlife excitement and the neon lights


Do whatever you want, just let Vegas lead you to her alluring side.
(You don't have to do illegal stuffs to have fun, and I am sure we are all sane enough to know the boundaries).

Let your hair loose, and just chill, relax...after all, this IS Vegas! :-)

This is purely based on my personal experiences and views, and may differ according to different individuals' preferences.
I am not responsible for the difference or lack of fun if you dislike this list, just saying.

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