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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

How to Renew Your Malaysian Passport: What to Expect


Passports are crucial traveling documents; without which there is no way anyone could enjoy trotting all over the globe and take those gorgeous photos or experience for themselves the fascinating cultures in every part of the world.

Every country will definitely have their respective procedures involved in the application, renewal and processing of this important document for their citizens.
This post is dedicated to the Malaysian passport renewal process, based on my personal experience.

I have recently renewed my passport and I am happy that the entire process was really fast and simple.
It was a huge improvement from the past, and the Malaysian passport renewal has never been easier.

I was not sure since it has been 5 years ago since my last experience, and I have heard of the changes in the process but a quick check in the informative website of the Malaysian Immigration Department (Jabatan Imigresen Malaysia) gave me enough information before I make that trip to the department itself.
Check out the website(Section on Malaysian International Passport) here

The Process of Renewing the Passport in Less than an Hour
1. Go to your nearest Immigration Office (check the list here for the locations and operating hours).

2. Bring along your:-
a. Malaysian Identification Card (MyKad)
b. Birth certificates for first time/children below 18 years old - parents ICs are also required.
c. Old Passport

3. Take your waiting number at the counter
**Please prepare your old passport along with your MyKad in hand
No forms are required, unless on case basis
Keep this slip of paper stating your number at all times while you are in the Immigration office.

4. When it's your turn, go to the counter and give them your existing/old passport directly, along with your slip of paper stating your waiting number
(The slip is to ensure that you did not jump queue. No, I was kidding, it is an important number which will be used throughout the entire process; from processing to payment and collection of new passport)
Your photo will be taken on the spot at the counter.
(Yes, there is a camera attached at each counter).
They will also take your thumbprints (right)

5. Go back to your seat, and make your payment the next time your number is called.
Fees are now at MYR200.00 (Standard) for 5 Years Validity.
There is no more 2 Years validity; they have standardized this.

6. The third time is to collect your passport, which should be about 20-30 minutes of waiting time.

The entire process takes only less than an hour.

What to Expect for:

Passport Photos
1. Photos will be taken on the spot at the counter
2. Ensure that your ears are visible - it is a mandatory requirement.
3. The color of the photo in the passport will be mono anyway, so it doesn't really matter what color you're wearing although traditionally it is always best to wear darker colors, to create that contrast, even in a black and white background.

1. Fees: MYR200.00 for 5 Years
It is a standard fee for everyone except for special cases (2.) and (3.) - refer below.
There is no longer validity of 2 years for renewal.

2. Special fees are at MYR100 for 5 years, but applicable to the following ONLY
- Children under 12 years old.
- Students under 21 years old with proof to study abroad on the day of submission.
- Pilgrims.

3. Exemption is also given to disabled on the condition that they produce supporting documents from the Welfare Department

**Please bring along cash, or other modes of payment are as below:-

a. Postal Order or Crossed Bank Draft :
In Malaysia – made payable to the Director- General of Immigration Malaysia or State Immigration Director only.
Overseas – made payable to the High Commissioner of Malaysia/ Deputy High Commissioner of Malaysia/ Malaysian Ambassador/ Malaysian Consulate General (where applicable)

An Official receipt will be issued upon payment.

For more information on the requirements for the Malaysian passport, do check on the official website here

Voila, no more hassle or long queues, and it is a great improvement to the system.

I am a happy traveler now :-)

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

From Rubbish Art to Masterpieces


Stains of dirt and residues of the rainwater dripping down these once-white washed brick and lime plastered walls are evident, stripping the pre war buildings and shop houses of their former glory.
Perhaps they were once majestic in their past; concealing the untold stories as they stand in their place, bearing witnesses to the many events and even tragedies which unfold before them.
Today their dilapidated state is a sure giveaway of their age and sorry states, as they stand in the bleak part of the town, casting gloomy shadows of themselves as they are no longer at the prime of their youth nor are they the center of the limelight, but instead they are today sore to the eyesight, and no one would even take a second glance at them.
They are only known as the old buildings; thrown into the background as urbanization and modern buildings step into take their places and the only attention they are getting are from the people who call them hazards to the society and placed them on the list of demolition, paving that way for their blueprint plans of sky high buildings adorned with glass windows and ceilings in their places.

There is no escaping that fate, and they are screaming, weeping tears in silent protest of their own extinction; pained by the cruelty of their fates and also the fact that their contributions, deeds and reasons of existence have been forgotten in that blink of an eye. They are no longer important; that message was clear and the recognition of their past (or lack of) is clearly almost nonexistent.
They were nothing but just remnants of trash to be taken out to clear out the backyard; all in the name of modernization.

Their futures are bleak and they moan their distasteful eviction from the present but no one heard their cries. Their existence no longer means anything.
One man changed everything.
With a touch of his brush and creativity, he gave life again to these walls.
He saved them with his grace of painting and brought back feelings of exuberance and reformation to the town.
With just one brush.

A joint effort between the municipal of Georgetown and this budding young Lituanian artist, Ernest Zacharevic took on the bold challenge to transform the historical town, also the capital of the famous Pearl of the Orient, the Penang island located on the north of Malaysia, with just a few paintings to inject that fresh breath onto the yellowish pages of the town.
It started with six paintings; and the local council granted the artist the permission to begin his project, painting, on, get this, the old street walls.

The old dilapidated walls are the artist’s canvas for him to unleash his talent and creativity.
It is a winning situation for many parties, if you come to think of it; the town gets another identity and an overnight sensation of catapulted fame, the local authorities reap from the boost in tourism, the artist gets to showcase his talent and a chance at fame, the owners of the shophouses, well, get a fresh coat on their sorry walls, and the walls, are, now, priceless and saved from their intended evil destruction.

It was a huge success, probably more than the original plan.
Ernest Zacharevic proved to be an incredible talent with his strokes, and he had painted realistic and remarkably heartfelt depictions of the local scenes.
His paintings drew the locals and tourists from all over the nation and worldwide to throng the island in droves.
It was amazing, the way his paintings; his street art or murals, evoke emotions and memories of the local scenes which is perhaps, the very reason for drawing his audience (art or even non-art enthusiasts) to flock to each location of his art like opposite sides of the magnate.

From the “Boy on a Bike” to the “Little Children on a Bicycle” and the striking “Awaiting Trishaw Pedaler”, the location of these walls became instant tourist spots and dot the traveler’s map, topping the list of the places to visit, or must visit in Penang.

Another piece, "Reaching Up" found on one of the walls and have been featured in one of the Hong Kong drama

Already a tourist destination in its heydays due to the crowns of “Food Paradise” and heritage status (Penang is recognized and honored as a UNESCO Heritage Site since 2008), along with its longstanding tiara of being nicknamed as the Pearl of the Orient due to its many wonders (nothing could be better than that; in fact the island is almost unbeatable in its fame compared to its minute size on the map), the island continues to enjoy more attention worldwide and welcoming visitors from all over the world.
The spike in tourism delighted the locals and businesses continue to prosper, and there is no longer a difference in weekends and weekdays for there are always foreign folks on the island throughout the year.

The locals were the first to pay homage to these artistic paintings, of course, though there were also many who have not been. It is always as such, for the locals are always the comfortable in their own backyards and believe that they are always going to be there.
After all, it is their hometown, isn’t it?
Tourists are excited to stalk the spots where the wall art are located, and it became sort of an activity of treasure hunt, or rather, wall art hunt, as everyone follows the trail, preying on one mural after another.
Technology has definitely helped to spread the reputation of these street murals; with the creativity of poses and postings to social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.

The walls have definitely been restored to its former glory, though they have been reinstated with a new breath of identity altogether, with that coat of illustration and colors on their faces.
Well, at least, it did well to mask their fears and insecurities, and also the misery of their former selves.
The walls can now breath a sigh of relief, and continue to smile as they are now, right smack, thrown into the limelight and perhaps, they might now silently wish for a moment of silence, once in a while.

The surge in the overnight fame of the street wall art catapulted its artist, Ernest Zacharevic into stardom, as he rides on his new fame; holding his art exhibition on the island as well.
It probably also inspired many others to have a go at demonstrating their skills, transpiring the many more unknown paintings and murals to emerge on the street walls over time, and perhaps, at an alarming rate too. The growth of these murals makes it difficult for many to distinguish between the real McCoy from the decoys.
Perhaps there are many more Ernest Zacharevics out there, or they are just wannabes, trying their luck to be someone one day.
However controls are exerted, for unauthorized paintings on the public street walls constitute acts of vandalism and is a breach of public responsibility, and definitely, illegal by all means.

Once regarded as an act of vandalism; street paintings (or perhaps some form of beautified graffiti) on public street walls, are now given a new name in justice, with their contributions to the local tourism.
They are now known as Street Art/Mural.

Ernest Zacharevic has popularized street art, and given a fresh perspective to as he calls it, rubbish art, but he has definitely given them their due credit.
It is not just with a flick of brush, but it comes with talent and skill, and of course, that burst of creativity.
Let’s not forget about opportunity either, for there are so many talented people out there who remain unrecognized and perhaps underrated for they never had the opportunity.

Given the opportunity and the permission, rubbish or street art can become tourist and social media worthy of attention but remember, doing it on your own and without the right approval, it is still a crime and one is just asking for trouble.

Thanks to Ernest Zacharevic, these street art has unveiled the beauty of Penang to the world, through her very own eyes, or walls, if you may, of the simplicity and exuberance of the lives here, a secret well kept by the locals and now, proudly illustrated for the world to see.

What a coincidence when I captured this photo, definitely not planned in my "accidental photo shoot"!

**Most of the street art by Ernest Zacharevic are located in the UNESCO Heritage site of Georgetown; mainly centering in the Armenian Street enclave, bordering  Weld Quay and its vicinity. **

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Seafood by the Sea at Baywatch Restaurant


Baywatch Seafood Restaurant was the one I tried on my visit/day trip to the coastal town of Tanjung Sepat (in my last post here).

Reputed to be one of the more popular ones in town, this seemed to be the restaurant that many have been to during their visit to this town.

Perhaps it is their sea view facing location that attracts many to come for their seafood meal, or maybe it is their opening hours; operating throughout lunch and dinner.



The other reason could be the popularization by local food commentary and host, Axian, who had paid his visit and recommended the restaurant.


Lunch was a simple affair, and most of the dishes were supposedly their signature or recommended ones.

These are not the only things we had at the seafood restaurant, of course, but they are the starters to the meal.


Crabs with salted egg yolk


Lala/Clams in Herbal Soup


Deep Fried Mantis Prawns with Dried Chilies (Kung Pow Style)


Spare ribs in BBQ Sauce


Prawns wrapped in Lotus leaf


Steamed White Pomfret with soy sauce


Claypot Beancurd with assorted Seafood


Stir Fried Kale with Salted Fish 


I have not much to comment on the food; just on the average for most of them, hence the photo essay theme for this post where I let the photos do the talking.
As I was also on a guided tour (where everything is arranged by the company and paid for), I am not aware of the prices for the dishes above.
I would say that I still stick to my regular favorites for my own list of seafood restaurants :-)

The view is however quite something for one to enjoy while having their meal here, and I think the main attraction of the restaurant, or at least, it is for city dwellers who do not get to enjoy this on a daily basis.


Maybe I could do a comparison when I get to try another restaurant on my next visit.

For Just One Day - Tanjung Sepat


Ask any city dweller their ideal concept of a short getaway and you will probably get majority of the responses in the direction of heading out of the city; to the outskirts of the city and there is no doubt images of sea, sand, lush greenery, blue skies and the serene sounds of nature would fill their minds.
Well, majority, that is.
(I would not mind going to another city though; or say no to that idea, because I have such strong love for cities. It is in the blood).

It is not that we do not have blue skies or even that slightest sign of nature in the city; maybe not really that blue on days when it is all shrouded in the thick haze (which is pretty much most of the days), and we do have trees, planted on the roads where we travel to work every day. Young budding trees which peek out with their thin and frail branches in that peek-a-boo manner as they stand in that well-distanced line along the road dividers, choking in that massive clouds of carbon monoxide while doing their best to breathe and balance their supply of oxygen and carbon dioxide at the same time.
That, is pretty much our definition of blue skies and nature in the city.
Maybe not to such an extent, though there is still that truth in it and adds to that longing in the hearts of the urban folks to crave for that fresh crisp air and the sweet sounds of nature once in a while.


If you are living in a city, you’d understand.
(City-born are still quite used and have grown accustomed to their environment, but anything out of their daily surroundings will still fascinate them to the core – just make sure that the conditions are bearable with no cripple in their basic needs).

That is why you always see city folks jump for joy whenever they are presented with a simple view of the sea and sandy beaches, along with verdant greenery and dense jungles. It immediately brings peace and calmness to their senses.
While there are many locations out of the country promising such ideal getaways, there are also plenty to be found locally and one need not look too far to search for it.
If you are living in the city of KL, one of the nearest location and one of the best hidden spots (until recently) is this little fishing village town along the coastal shores of Selangor.

Just a few kilometers; or 15km north of Bagan Lallang (another popular destination), Tanjung Sepat is a homegrown coastal town in the Kuala Langat district of Selangor (the state bordering the Federal Territory).  
This humble town is all about fishery; with most of the economy centering on the fishing activity and also the trading of their haul from the sea.

Of late, the town has caught the attention of many, with the boom of the Sepang Gold Coast which attracted many visitors to take that trip off the beaten path and landed them in this small fishing village of a town.

The size of the town and its location tucked away far from the city makes it relatively easy to navigate and even to explore on one’s own.

An itinerary would not be too much of a fuss to plan, for the locations are focused in a few primary spots and do not need much traveling distance from one to the other.
The laidback nature of the town is one of the main attractions, and their specialties, while may not rival the long lists of other tourist destinations are still held proudly by the locals.

One Day, that’s all you will need to explore what Tanjung Sepat has to offer.
(and that includes a seafood meal with the seafront view as well)

Things that Tanjung Sepat is famous for, can be summarized simply:- 
1. Seafood
2. Fish-based Products
3. Agro-based products
4. Pau

Start the trip early in the morning; it takes approximately 2 hours or so to drive from the city to this town and be ready to enjoy the views of the beckoning sea as one reaches the part of the outskirt, or coastal area of the Selangor state.

There are a few farms to explore, and as I was on a guided tour (it was a trip courtesy of my company), we stopped by the Dragon Fruit farm.

The Multi Rich Pitaya farm is an eye-opener; well, at least for ignorant city folk like myself, presented with that opportunity to see the dragon fruit locally grown in their modestly sized plantation.

It is my first time, seeing that very tree, or rather cactus-like plant sprouting the baby dragon fruits (in their stages of growth).
The plants were somewhat terrifying to me; in their expansive flourishing style (some even sprawling-like) with the fruits growing on the ends of their seemingly sharp claw-like branches.




The pitaya fruits (the more generic term for the dragon fruits, as they are also known) are wrapped with plastic bags to avoid birds pecking at them, or insects drilling into the fruits for commercial reasons.
These fruits are popular among the locals and are also exported in multitudes to the cities and other states, some even to overseas (for the larger plantations.
(The wrapping of fruits with plastic bags or newspapers is commonly practiced, as a way to protect the fruits from damage, be it for commercial reasons or even for personal consumption).


The fruits are also available for sale, and it is fascinating to note, as the growers also generously demonstrate, that the fruit can be consumed in many ways.
From direct consumption of the fruit to the extraction of the juice, there is no doubt the natural sweetness of the fruit promising that relishing taste is the main reason for its popularity.



There are two types; with the colors of the flesh being the key difference, mainly the white and the red, and here in this farm, they are harvesting the version with the red flesh.
The red is the more popular version, due to the sweetness but the white flesh is the one believed to provide the health benefits.

Fresh dragon fruits, and the flesh was excitably fresh and bursting with sweetness.

Fresh consumed just like that, where they generously allow rounds of sampling, the fruits are sold by weight or based on the general bulk by their stated price.
It was quite reasonably priced and freshness is guaranteed when you buy straight from the farm.

Enjoy the freshly made juices, or even take a swig at the ice sticks made with the fruits themselves.


There is no doubt that this is indeed a very popular fruit; not just for its flesh and health benefits but also for the enjoyable tastes and its color have also made its way into the natural coloring ingredients to substitute the artificial coloring.


Gano Farm is also another of our stop; introducing the various types of mushrooms.


A Visit to a Potato Chips Factory

The making of plant-based chips


Fish-based products are definitely familiar grounds for the local traders, and one can easily find a shop lot functioning as a mini factory, arduously processing the sea products into fish balls, fish paste and other fish-based products.

(Tanjung Sepat boasts of their locally handmade fish balls and fish pastes, which are proudly fresh and springy in that bouncy texture, perfect for fish ball lovers ).



A side visit to a small home coffee trader taught us a little bit on the coffee beans and also the art of making coffee. There is even an old-fashioned coffee making machine to be found in the home.



P1260817_Fotor While perhaps irrelevant to the core of the town, it was still an interesting side visit.

Enjoy lunch at one of the seafood restaurants, or even dinner, if you would like to stay until later in the evening.
P1260798_Fotor I was not particularly intrigued with the seafood, which I personally have tasted better elsewhere in other seafood-famed states or towns.

One simply should not leave without a visit, or even taking away the famous pau (steamed buns stuffed with filling of pork, sweet red bean or lotus paste) and watch the pau-making process from that tiny glass window.
P1260830_Fotor The small size of the shop is not to be belittled for the pau business is massive and incoming orders kept the bun makers busy throughout the day.

P1260828_Fotor (It is advised to place your order early and collect them before you leave the town, or risk the long queues or even disappointment of the unavailability of the buns at the end of the day when they are all sold out).

A few things I may not have covered in my trip, which included the famous Tanjung Sepat Lovers’ Bridge which was dangerous in its state and at the risk of falling down (which it did after that – read here, thus the reason for it being closed off to public at my time of visit)

I have also missed out on the Seafood Steamboat and the Seafood Bak Kut The (usually served with pork), but I guess that would warrant another visit?

In a nutshell, it is just an ambitious task of a day but Tanjung Sepat is definitely one gem of a fishing town fast growing in its popularity in the tourism segment, attracting local visitors from the cities and other states, with its humble offerings and hidden treasures proudly displayed for all to enjoy.

All in just One Day, and one can momentarily take one’s mind off the hustle bustle of the city!


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Monday, February 23, 2015

Rasa Sayang Resort and Spa Penang: Rasa Premier Room (A Hotel by Shangri La)


The name Rasa Sayang is not unfamiliar to most Penangites, as it is one of the most, or rather, the most luxurious and highly rated lavish hotel on the island known as the Pearl of the Orient.

Located along the winding coastal road of Batu Ferringhi, this hotel has indeed stood the test of time with its existence since the early days and continue to strive to uplift its reputation.

Rasa Sayang is dear to the hearts of most tourists who love the island, and even to the locals, this is the pride of the island, with its beautiful landscape and the modest opulence yet maintaining the grandeur of this warm residence landmark which never fails to court many, including the locals themselves into its embrace.

Since undergoing a major facelift over the past few years (or decade), the hotel continues to shine as the local favorite landmark of class and luxury, and has even upgraded its facilities/grounds to invite their guests to indulge in their resort lifestyle and comfortable spa facilities designed to free their guests of the daily stress and bustle of their routines.

Named after one of the local favorite folk song so dear to the Malaysians' hearts, Rasa Sayang means "the feeling of love" and it is exactly this that the resort aims to achieve; to make their guests feel comfortable and loved during their stay.
From hotel to resort, Rasa Sayang Resort and Spa vows to fulfill the expectations of their guests to make them enjoy every moment of their stay, and to make them feel just like they would in the comforts of their home.

I have known this place since I was a kid, and it is definitely also a place dear to my heart. I loved to see that the efforts made by the management to uphold their standards and name, and that they remain as one of the most loved hotels/resorts on the island.

Sometimes it may seem weird that locals would book into a resident hotel; when they reside on the island themselves but it is a thing in the past as people are more experimental these days.
Also, what could be better than experiencing one's loved culture than to start with one's own background to be better spokesperson for one's hometown?

Furthermore, it is good to boost our own economy or tourism at the same time, especially with the rising costs of living these days.
Many may not be able to have the luxury to travel overseas for a vacation; perhaps due to financial, or the more logical is due to the logistics and work where they may not be able to go on a long escape and sometimes a weekend away is all they could come up with.
Local indulgence in a nearby resort could sometimes be the solution.
Also a resort like this, can even make one forget they are in the comforts of their backyard and just so close to home as the feeling is so much like being overseas yet enjoying the warm hospitality of home.

Rasa Sayang Resort and Spa was on my weekend list for getaway recently, having been there for a quiet and simple celebration with my hubby.
This is definitely not a paid review, nor an invited one as it was purely a personal visit and to check in for relaxation.

I was in for a pleasant experience, in fact, I enjoyed my stay so much that I almost forgot to take photos of most of my experiences.
(It shows how much of a vacation I truly need *grins sheepishly*)
At the same time, I was also in between being sick; a major virus which really bugged me for more than a month.

There are two wings in the resort; the Rasa Wing and the Garden Wing.

The Garden Wing has been recently refurbished and offers families a great view of the natural greenery of the gardens, pool and even the sea, as its name suggests.

The Rasa Wing, is a more private and exclusive part of the resort, offering more privacy to the guests on the other side of the resort.


There is another lobby for the Rasa Wing guests to check into, and welcome drinks will be provided upon arrival; a glass of refreshing nutmeg juice (a true symbol of Penang's favorite local produce).

The rooms in the Rasa Wing are more spacious; designed for the guests' comfort in mind and also privacy.
Guests in this wing are entitled to their own swimming pools in the wing too; which is restricted to mostly adults and above young adults above 16 years of age. They can also access the pool in the Garden Wing which is accessible to everyone including children.

The ambience in the Rasa Wing is maintained well; minimizing interruption and disturbances to ensure the comfort of the guests.
Children are required to be under the supervision of their parents/adults at all times for their safety as well.

The rooms in Rasa Wing are categorized into the following:-
Rasa Superior
Rasa Deluxe
Rasa Premier
Rasa Deluxe Suite
Rasa Premier Suite

There are sometimes seasonal promotional offers for these rooms, and there can be upgrades too.

I had the luxury to try out the Rasa Premier room; and I was truly spoilt to the very core, I mean, pampered with the luxuries of the space and the comfortable settings with all the complete amenities and facilities that I might as well have left all my toiletries back home.
(Technically speaking, I could still drive back to get some of my stuffs which I had forgotten, but Rasa Sayang just did not give me any reason to).




The King Size bed set up in the room was definitely welcoming and makes one struggle to get out of bed in the morning, even for someone like me, who is always excited to wake up early in the morning.
There is the turndown service and bedroom slippers will be prepared when guests go out for dinner, all compliments to the hotel staff who will go to make the effort to make sure that one can have a good rest when they are back from their dinner.
Water bottles will also be prepared beside the table; it is such a thoughtful effort from the hotel!

There is also a welcoming Fruits platter on the coffee table for the guests upon check-in, and while I thought this was only the first day, the resort surprised me by refilling it ever single day!
I love that they are taking such care of my well-being by stuffing with fruits, an act of kindness which I definitely appreciate :-)


The bathroom is another captivating factor, especially for me, for I personally adore large spaces for bathrooms. Okay, I can still deal with small bathrooms but the space, oh the space, leaves so much for one to even dance while brushing teeth, washing face or even in shower!


There is an automated sliding blind for the privacy while at the same time, offering that open concept to view the bathroom from the bed. It is truly a bold and romantic insight encapsulated within the premier room.

The spacious shower room; complete with three types, yes, you read that right, Three Types of shower to ensure that enjoyable shower experience.
It makes one reluctant to step away from the shower room, honestly, can they spoil us any further?


Towels are in ample supply, and there are so much space for storage and they were so thoughtful to even put a bench on the other side of the hand shower area.



Rain showers are always welcoming and refreshing if you really want to get one good soaking shower!



Toiletries are all carefully placed with much thought within the reach while one is in the shower room, and strategically located too.
There is still space left for the guests' own toiletries too, if one is not much into the idea of using other types of toiletries and more comfortable with their own.


Toothbrushes, comb, shaver, shower cap, cotton buds and pads, and even hair band is provided.
Is there anything else we need from home?
Of course, ladies definitely need their own bag of skincare products, but they have gotten the basics covered.


Dressing room/area is well-designed and located adjacent, or directly facing the bathroom.
There is again that spacious area and also the area is designed to be within its own privacy, clearly set apart from the rest of the room for one to dress up and get ready.


Lizard-motifs on the handles of the wardrobe and drawers rule the theme of most of the furniture in the room.

Fridge and Kitchen cabinet area


We definitely know the concept or meaning of the Tudung Saji, for its Malaysian roots but this is a good concept to introduce some of our local stuffs/trademarks to the visiting tourists.
A thoughtful idea, again, from the resort to promote the local culture to non-Malaysians.


Complimentary drinks and snacks stocked in the fridge for the guests, but non-refillable.
Still this is rather a rare gesture from our hotels, and I am sure most guests would welcome it especially when they wake up hungry at night.


Another interesting gesture from the resort is the use of glass bottles for the drinking water, an act to conserve the nature by recycling these bottles rather than the throwing away plastic bottles, which could amount to millions in a  year.
I love this idea, and the bottles too!
I applaud the resort for going to such lengths to promote and give back to the nature.

Note: Please do not bring these bottles home, cute and attractive as they are, for that would destroy the purpose of the conservation the resort is trying to promote.


A mini kitchen cabinet to store the mugs, drinking classes, coasters and spoons and again, there is still space for one to store additional stuffs.


There is also a large working desk with a wall-mounted adjustable LCD television, which can be oriented to face the bed and one can snuggle into the bed while enjoying their movies.
For the Rasa Premier room guests, there is also the complimentary request of movie DVDs from the concierge (based on selected titles) for viewing in the room.
The working desk is also equipped with stationery for the working executives, or those who simply have to work during their vacation *winks*


If you are not blown away by the space and the facilities yet, there is still more, for the Rasa Premier room has its own outdoor bathtub and a spa bath can be set up at the guest's request for only a minimal fee.

The private balcony and the bath is the answer to blissful indulgence while on vacation.


The room is not the only one with the space as the balcony is also offering a generous width for one to wander around while enjoying the serene scenery from the comforts of their room.
A comfortable couch is also available for one to relax in, overlooking the gardens.


There is also a dining table set on the balcony, for couples to enjoy dining or just chatting by the balcony.
A romantic dinner setting in the room can also be prepared on the balcony upon request.



Rasa Wing guests are privileged to enjoy multiple meals in a day, just like the Garden wing as well as Rasa Sayang Resort and Spa ensures that none of their guests would be left starving throughout their stay.
There is no time to worry or watch one's waist, though they have the gym for that reason, and the swimming pool and an assortment of physical outdoor activities.

From the welcoming drinks to the fruits platter in the room, Rasa Wing guests are also entitled to the pre-dinner cocktail treats which allows guests to indulge in a free flow of alcoholic cocktails, wines (red, white and sparkling/bubbly) and even juices, coffee and tea, along with an array of canap├ęs or finger bites.



Available from 5.30pm - 7.00pm, this is bound to attract most of the guests in this wing for it is a nice time to relax in the Rasa Lounge while waiting for dinner.
The Rasa Lounge is only accessible to the Rasa Wing guests; complimentary and a dress code is also required where guests are requested to be in smart casuals while in the lounge.

The Rasa Lounge also offers complimentary non-alcoholic beverages throughout the day; starting from 7am - 11pm.

Afternoon tea is also available; complimentary to Rasa Wing guests from 3pm-4pm, with offerings of mouth watering pastries, cakes and sandwiches to tempt the guests' palates.





This is indeed indulgence at its peak, and the generous assortment of food is bound to stuff anyone to the fullest, leaving little space for dinner or any other meal after that.
I am a fan of afternoon teas, in that English garden setting and Rasa Sayang Resort and Spa just nailed the perfect afternoon tea right on the spot.

I enjoyed my tea, just like a tai tai would :-)

There are also free access to a wide selection of magazines and books for guests to browse through while relaxing in the Rasa Lounge, and one can definitely sit back and just will the time away with the quiet and peaceful settings in the afternoon or throughout the day.

Guests at the resort can enjoy complimentary buffet breakfast (International theme) daily at the Spice Market Cafe, and Rasa Wing guests are offered another option to have their breakfast within the more private and exclusive settings of the fine dining restaurant of Ferringhi Grill; which offers a semi-buffet and also ready to cook breakfast menu (preset) upon request.

Enjoy the serenity and quieter ambience in Ferringhi Grill one day, and also the merry surroundings and wider selection of the buffet at Spice Market Cafe on another.

Breakfast in Ferringhi Grill is a private and exclusive affair.



My personal experience is only based on Rasa Wing, and the Premier Room in which I stayed on my visit and enjoyed tremendously.
It feels so much at home, and yet truly pampering that I almost did not want to leave.

I enjoyed my much-needed rest and Rasa Sayang Resort and Spa definitely went to great lengths to spoil their guests and ensure that peace and relaxing environment.

I am sure this will not be my last time visiting them, and perhaps the next time I could try out the Garden Wing?

I had a memorable experience and am proud of my Malaysian, and also Penang hospitality delivered by this award-winning and luxurious resort.
It made me lose track momentarily that I was actually still in my own country!

It is truly a stay to remember, and I look forward to my next visit here!

**This is NOT a sponsored post, and it is based on my personal experience**

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