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How to Renew Your Malaysian Passport: What to Expect


Passports are crucial traveling documents; without which there is no way anyone could enjoy trotting all over the globe and take those gorgeous photos or experience for themselves the fascinating cultures in every part of the world.

Every country will definitely have their respective procedures involved in the application, renewal and processing of this important document for their citizens.
This post is dedicated to the Malaysian passport renewal process, based on my personal experience.

I have recently renewed my passport and I am happy that the entire process was really fast and simple.
It was a huge improvement from the past, and the Malaysian passport renewal has never been easier.

I was not sure since it has been 5 years ago since my last experience, and I have heard of the changes in the process but a quick check in the informative website of the Malaysian Immigration Department (Jabatan Imigresen Malaysia) gave me enough information before I make that trip to the department itself.
Check out the website(Section on Malaysian International Passport) here

The Process of Renewing the Passport in Less than an Hour
1. Go to your nearest Immigration Office (check the list here for the locations and operating hours).

2. Bring along your:-
a. Malaysian Identification Card (MyKad)
b. Birth certificates for first time/children below 18 years old - parents ICs are also required.
c. Old Passport

3. Take your waiting number at the counter
**Please prepare your old passport along with your MyKad in hand
No forms are required, unless on case basis
Keep this slip of paper stating your number at all times while you are in the Immigration office.

4. When it's your turn, go to the counter and give them your existing/old passport directly, along with your slip of paper stating your waiting number
(The slip is to ensure that you did not jump queue. No, I was kidding, it is an important number which will be used throughout the entire process; from processing to payment and collection of new passport)
Your photo will be taken on the spot at the counter.
(Yes, there is a camera attached at each counter).
They will also take your thumbprints (right)

5. Go back to your seat, and make your payment the next time your number is called.
Fees are now at MYR200.00 (Standard) for 5 Years Validity.
There is no more 2 Years validity; they have standardized this.

6. The third time is to collect your passport, which should be about 20-30 minutes of waiting time.

The entire process takes only less than an hour.

What to Expect for:

Passport Photos
1. Photos will be taken on the spot at the counter
2. Ensure that your ears are visible - it is a mandatory requirement.
3. The color of the photo in the passport will be mono anyway, so it doesn't really matter what color you're wearing although traditionally it is always best to wear darker colors, to create that contrast, even in a black and white background.

1. Fees: MYR200.00 for 5 Years
It is a standard fee for everyone except for special cases (2.) and (3.) - refer below.
There is no longer validity of 2 years for renewal.

2. Special fees are at MYR100 for 5 years, but applicable to the following ONLY
- Children under 12 years old.
- Students under 21 years old with proof to study abroad on the day of submission.
- Pilgrims.

3. Exemption is also given to disabled on the condition that they produce supporting documents from the Welfare Department

**Please bring along cash, or other modes of payment are as below:-

a. Postal Order or Crossed Bank Draft :
In Malaysia – made payable to the Director- General of Immigration Malaysia or State Immigration Director only.
Overseas – made payable to the High Commissioner of Malaysia/ Deputy High Commissioner of Malaysia/ Malaysian Ambassador/ Malaysian Consulate General (where applicable)

An Official receipt will be issued upon payment.

For more information on the requirements for the Malaysian passport, do check on the official website here

Voila, no more hassle or long queues, and it is a great improvement to the system.

I am a happy traveler now :-)

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