Wednesday, July 1, 2015

I Have MOVED to

It has been a while, and finally, I have now consolidated my blog posts to my new home domain!

It is a tough decision, and I do miss this Traveblogue which have been my portal to share my travel stories as I take that journey(s) out to see the big world out there, but it is also a better move to have all under one roof.

This blog will still be maintained for all the old posts, as a walk down memory lane and a reminder of my old blogging style :-)

However, for NEW and updated posts from now onwards, kindly UPDATE YOUR LINKS and HOP Over to...




** Christy's Traveblogue can still be accessed from the new domain and is continuing the journey from there.

Christy's Traveblogue is under the copyrights of ANGELSTARCHRISTY.

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