Thursday, March 19, 2015

Seafood by the Sea at Baywatch Restaurant


Baywatch Seafood Restaurant was the one I tried on my visit/day trip to the coastal town of Tanjung Sepat (in my last post here).

Reputed to be one of the more popular ones in town, this seemed to be the restaurant that many have been to during their visit to this town.

Perhaps it is their sea view facing location that attracts many to come for their seafood meal, or maybe it is their opening hours; operating throughout lunch and dinner.



The other reason could be the popularization by local food commentary and host, Axian, who had paid his visit and recommended the restaurant.


Lunch was a simple affair, and most of the dishes were supposedly their signature or recommended ones.

These are not the only things we had at the seafood restaurant, of course, but they are the starters to the meal.


Crabs with salted egg yolk


Lala/Clams in Herbal Soup


Deep Fried Mantis Prawns with Dried Chilies (Kung Pow Style)


Spare ribs in BBQ Sauce


Prawns wrapped in Lotus leaf


Steamed White Pomfret with soy sauce


Claypot Beancurd with assorted Seafood


Stir Fried Kale with Salted Fish 


I have not much to comment on the food; just on the average for most of them, hence the photo essay theme for this post where I let the photos do the talking.
As I was also on a guided tour (where everything is arranged by the company and paid for), I am not aware of the prices for the dishes above.
I would say that I still stick to my regular favorites for my own list of seafood restaurants :-)

The view is however quite something for one to enjoy while having their meal here, and I think the main attraction of the restaurant, or at least, it is for city dwellers who do not get to enjoy this on a daily basis.


Maybe I could do a comparison when I get to try another restaurant on my next visit.

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