Thursday, June 19, 2014

A Seafood Lunch at Pier Market

A visit to Fisherman's Wharf and Pier 39 is not complete without enjoying a seafood meal in an area where fishermen and the fishing trade dwell; hauling in the abundant fresh catch from the sea every single day.

Voted as the "Best Seafood in San Francisco" by the KRON 4 TV Best of the Bay as proudly publicized on their homepage, Pier Market boasts of their fresh seafood served in their very own distinguished styles guaranteed to leave that memorable tastes in their guests' minds (and mouths, of course).



Be welcomed by the warm ambiance as one steps into the restaurant's dining area, where live seafood swim in the tanks at the front of the restaurant which is decked in wooden furnishing.
The casual-dining environment with a light note of elegance in the concept of their interior sends that very message intended by the Simmons family; the founder and developer of Pier 39 and also of this place, and Pier Market Seafood Restaurant has been in operation for more than three decades; managed by the 3rd generation of the family.


One can also choose to enjoy the cool breezy environment in their open concept of alfresco dining; where tables and chairs are laid out under the signature blue shades from the awning, allowing the friendly rays of the sun to shine through amidst the cheerful colors of the garden flowers dancing gaily in the weather. Besides enjoying the food, one can take in the atmosphere of Pier 39 and of the visitors taking a stroll down the wood board floors of the marina.


We chose to dine inside as the breeze was a little too chilly for us tropical climate dwellers, and we made ourselves comfortable as we enjoyed the view from the observation deck which provided scenes of the overall Pier 39 and the famous islands.

Started the meal with their fresh Sourdough Garlic Bread


The term fresh was definitely apt to describe this soft pillowy texture of the bread lined with the crackling crisp outer layer. The firm yet brittle bite of the crust was a perfect complement to the chewy and spongy white bed, and is good enough to enjoy on its own.
Garlic butter is provided as well, as with most bread baskets to start the meal.


One of their house specialties and definitely a unique option to start the meal is their
Crab Cakes ($12.95)


Served with Cajun Remoulade, the well-battered moulds stuffed to the brim with the moist minced crab paste was rather the distinct offering compared to those usually found in the Thai cuisine.
The generously sized crab cakes were mixed with their home recipe, providing that luscious taste of the crab paste which melts in one's mouth against the flaky crumbs adorning the outer skin will definitely leave one with that memorable longing for a second bite.
Try it with a squeeze of lemon and with that special cajun remoulade, and you will be hooked.


Pier Market Mixed Grill $23.95 was a modest platter combining the grill of fresh Salmon, fresh swordfish and shrimp skewer, served along with cole slaw and rice.
(One can opt to have this in Cajun Style, Teriyaki or BBQ Glazed and to serve with either rice or garlic buttered new potatoes).


Slightly left a little longer on the grill which gave it that slight overcooked tastes, the platter is still a good option for one who would like a little more variety of the seafood in one single serving.
I definitely enjoyed not having to choose between salmon and their fresh swordfish and even shrimps, and the serving left us satisfied, though the grill could be improved with a lighter touch.

We were treated to this cookie at the end of the meal; complimentary from the restaurant to polish our overall meal.


We found the shop selling this a few doors away from the restaurant :-)


With the many seafood restaurants around Pier 39 to storm you dizzy with choices for meals, one can easily stumble upon any restaurant and for us, I must say that my lucky stars helped me to decide on Pier Market which turned out to be a good one to add that finishing touch to my experience on Pier 39, Fisherman's Wharf and definitely of San Francisco too.

After all, more than 30 years of operation definitely says something about Pier Market, doesn't it?
Looking forward to visiting again on my next trip :-)

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  1. Seafood galore! This place is certainly worth visiting, what with all the pretty sights and delicious food that await you. Even the garlic bread looks scrumptious! I don’t doubt you’ll come visit again, and perhaps quite often. Thanks for sharing your incredible experience!

    Chris Carpenter @ Domenico’s On the Wharf


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