Monday, April 21, 2014

Taiwan Travelogue: Waterfall of Wulai (Wulai Falls)

The Waterfall of Wulai, also known as Wulai Falls is one of this little town's main attraction and is truly a gift from nature.

Gushing with the white water falling over the rocky cliffs on to the sharp rocks below, it was a captivating scene and the surrounding just make up the picturesque effect with the sparsely green moss and trees on the cliffs toned with the gray rocks and the frothy white tumbling down into the greenish waters of the spring below.

Be enthralled by the magical scene of nature in this area, and enjoy the sweet sounds of nature.
From the chirping of the birds to the continuous rumbling sounds of the water in the background, one will truly feel in tune with nature.

The scenic view points of the nature around the area, where one can take in the waterfall from the different panoramic angles offered.

Sure, it will not be as spectacular as some of the greatest falls in the world but this is still the pride of the local Wulai townsfolk for its striking natural beauty, and it has also proved that it could also be a crowd attraction, with its simplicity in the hands of nature.

The mesmerizing colors of the falls and the background just whisks me away to a dreamy nature paradise whenever I look at these photos, and is definitely wallpaper-worthy ~

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