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Universal Studios Hollywood - Where Movie Entertainment Lives

Known as "The Entertainment Capital of LA", the Universal Studios Hollywood is no longer a stranger to anyone in the world. While many are accustomed to the existence of Universal Studios sprouting in various locations around the world, this particular one in Los Angeles remains one of the most prominent, not to mention on the list of one of the most visited tourist attractions around the world.

The famous movie studio and filming location site is one of the oldest to exist and is still in use till this very day. It is not hard to imagine why, as the name Hollywood is synonymous with movies, celebrities, fame and glamour as fed to most of us around the world in the trendy showbiz which have been in existence for so long, as far as any of us can remember.

Today, the mention of Hollywood still brings to our mind the glamorous moments of the celebrities walking down the red carpet and posing for the photographs while clicks and flashes go off in a frenzy while we watch from our televisions at home. The visuals can do wonders in the mind; and hence, the image of glittering moments are embedded as our mind works remarkably at associating the images with the term, and automatically, Hollywood; it is the place where movies and social excitement reside, at its highest point of brilliance and right in the spotlight.

It is for this exact reason that the people behind Universal Studios came up with the idea of a grand entrance with the iconic red carpet leading to the main gate for visitors to enjoy that momentary thrill of being a movie star; to strut on that well-acclaimed walk of fame just like the celebrated idols most have dreamt so much about. It is almost customary to pose for a photo when you are here, simply because you're living a dream; even if it just for a few seconds, or make it minutes.

I have not been to the other Universal Studios around the world; no, not even the one closest to home, the recent site being in Singapore, mainly because I have always wanted to visit this particular site first. After all, it is termed 'The Entertainment Capital' and also 'The Coolest Place in LA'; both the much publicized advertising tag lines for Universal Studios Hollywood.

Located in Universal City in the Los Angeles country of California State, United States of America, the Universal Studios Hollywood is also the First movie studio recreational theme park around the world. While the site was understandably a filming site; with studio and filming sets set up across its land, Universal Studios Hollywood was originally intended as an introduction to the movie filming, sound stages set up and access to the actual filming sets through its customized tour packages to offer visitors a glimpse of movie making and production, since the year 1964.

This gradually revolved and grew into a recreational theme park over the years, following the reception of the public and also the blooming minds of the creative folks running the place.
Thanks to their creativity that we can now enjoy and be thrilled with the wonderful insights we get from directly accessing the filming sets and locations available on this very site, while also be entertained with the rides and moments with the appearances of some of our favorite animation characters here.

The memorable and animated Woody Woodpecker; which was created since the 1940s, is an iconic and much-loved character with whom most of us are familiar with the sounds of his pecking(adorably so), is also interestingly named the mascot of the Universal Studios Hollywood.

With the mascot, Woody Woodpecker and his recognizably, significant other, Winnie (in case you're not aware, yes, Woody's taken!)

Like most theme parks, Universal Studios Hollywood is a land filled with much enjoyable and entertaining attractions to look out for. From spotting costumed characters of familiar animation and movie icons to the thrilling movie-themed rides and museums, there is just something to fit everyone's preference and to keep one happy while on the park.

One of the most recommended would be the Studio Tour; which is probably the emblematic ride for an insightful experience into the world of movie making right here in Hollywood.
Visitors would embark on an approximately hour's tram ride which takes them around the backstage lots and filming locations; while witnessing some of the special effects taking place and the 3D motion pictures unraveling in some of the locations. Enjoy the ride, and be prepared to laugh to the animated tour's guide narration while on the tram and also, be ready to be thrilled with the exciting events unraveled on this tour.

Movie-themed rides are also the crowd drawing attractions here; and some of the more memorable ones(may differ according to personal preferences) based on the highly-acclaimed movies are as follows:-
(located on the Lower Lot)

Transformers: The Ride

Revenge of the Mummy

Jurassic Park: The Ride

The above rides impose the height and age restrictions due to the level of excitement which may be deemed unsuitable for young toddlers and children.
(Also, some of the rides such as Revenge of the Mummy and Jurassic Park also restricts bags to be carried on the rides and there are locker facilities provided in a designated area for visitors to store their belongings for free (within an allocated time) or for a minimal fee).

However, Universal Studios Hollywood is not all about the adults as back on the upper lot of the theme park, there are various animation-themed parks which are bound to fascinate the younger ones.

The Simpson Ride

Shrek 4D

There are also dry and water theme parks created for the enjoyment of the young children.

Another attraction not to miss out is the Special Effects Stage, which is an enlightening session on the revelation of the secrets and tricks involved in the making of the blockbuster movies.
Do be there early, as the studio is packed to the brim with the eager crowds, and who wouldn't want to know what really happens behind those fantastic images we often wonder about on the screens?

Enjoy exploring the Universal Studios Hollywood on foot, to take in the various scenes unfolding at the different themed-location sites.

Be prepared to recognize/bump into familiar and lovable costumed characters on the streets, and when you do, just smile at the camera and take a picture!

There is simply something for everyone in Universal Studios Hollywood, and the best is that one can enjoy an entertaining yet exhilarating experience in a place where the spotlight shines on and one have long imagined from the screens and have harbored hopes of living that lifestyle.

Yes, Universal Studios Hollywood is not just an ordinary theme park; it is a lifestyle and it is where Movie Entertainment and fame lives~

For more information on Universal Studios Hollywood, kindly refer to their official website here.

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