Monday, March 3, 2014

My first experience with Cathay

As far as I can remember, I have always only taken the few airlines since I started traveling; other than that first time I flew out of the country for a camp which I attended on a scholarship years ago when I was still in high school; and that was Northwest Airlines, and other than that, it has always, or at least, almost always the same airlines.
My frequent mileage points are accumulated on those few usual airlines, though I do board different airlines occasionally.

Cathay Pacific airlines is always this airline which I have heard of; which is no surprise as it is one of the highly acclaimed airlines originating from Hong Kong. My first experience was supposed to be last year where I was booked on a flight to the States (which I have yet to blog about, bummer, but will be coming up soon after this series, I promise), and unfortunately got cancelled due to some circumstances which was rather unpleasant. In short, I would not say that was really that memorable of an experience and I would rather dismiss it as it left a bitter taste that I was quite skeptical about the airlines for a short while.
Anyway, you don't avoid airlines for long especially with a major airline like Cathay, which flies regularly to Hong Kong and Taiwan unless you just avoid traveling to those countries.

My recent trip got me booked on Cathay Pacific again, and this time, it was for real, as in I boarded the flight and flew to and from my destination (to be revealed soon).
I have noticed that the seats and space in the aircraft were definitely larger compared to my usual (MAS and SIA), leaving much more leg space right in front.

No complaints about the punctuality, and the ground staff service too, as checking in was quite efficient and swift at the counters. We were bound on a early morning flight, and it did not take us long to get ourselves on board the aircraft.

Raining early in the morning, on the day I was taking off 

Interesting features to take note of on the aircraft: 
1. Touch screen television (selection of movies could be improved to include more variety)

2. Standard power outlet ports available for phone/tablets/laptop charging (the usual 3-pin used in Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong).

3. There is this option available on screen where one can view the flight taking off and landing through the camera installed in front of the aircraft

Moving on to the meals, Airlines meals rarely got anyone excited, and I am sure most would agree with me though I have not had much to complain about when I was on my usual airlines.

While Cathay had surpassed in the space and comfortable seats in her aircraft, I can't say the same about the meals served on board. Perhaps it was my own picky tastes when it came to food, or the excitement which enveloped my thoughts at the time of the flight, but frankly, having the same type of food presented to you on both of your outgoing and incoming flight is not exactly my idea of a vacation. I just felt that there could be a little more variety in the choices of food on the menu, or perhaps it was just my luck.

Overall, I wouldn't say my experience was bad, as besides the food, I did find the entire experience an extremely pleasant one and it helped that we had signed up for the Marco Polo membership which entitled us to privileges during boarding and checking in. (find out more at the Cathay Pacific's official website).

To be continued with my destination in a bit....stay tune~

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