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Bangkok Travelogue: Things to eat at Chatuchak

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With more than tens of thousands of stalls available in this market, food and drinks are definitely not excluded from the list of the stalls to seduce the roving eyes and rumbling tummies of the street hunters. It is not difficult to find a food or fruit, or drinks stall squeezed in between the stalls selling clothes or crafts, and I could safely say that there is at least one food stall within every few 100-200 meters of walking, perhaps in less than 5 minutes; yes, that was the trend in the market where it is not easy to starve or thirst to death, even under the extremely hot sun.

Normally I would not be doing food and drinks post here, but I will be making slight changes to my posting and will be lumping them under my travels.
Therefore you will be able to find the list of things to eat and to look out for at this largest market in Thailand.

Coconut juice is easily available at almost every corner in Bangkok, and at an extremely good price (between 20-30THB), you can get a whole coconut to yourself.
It is the best drink to quench thirst in the hot weather, and to cool down the heat.

Fruits, freshly cut fruits are also just the most common items ever here as you can find a stall selling it within a turn of your head (literally!)
I loved the colors from the different types of fruits on display at the stall; and how they brightly shine in the pictures!~

The common scenes of the street stalls selling noodles and rice.

Besides coconut, the other common fruit you can find around here is mango.
Oh yes, the Thais love their mangoes (or I would say Thais are just big fans of fruits, and it is such a good habit they have)

Things you should try at Chatuchak:

Coconut ice-cream

You would probably find many stalls selling this after walking for a while, but there is this particular stall located near to an exit which had many people queueing in front of the stall.
They sell coconut juice as well, and for those who just ordered the coconut ice-cream, you will be given a small cup of coconut juice on the house as well.

They are no Baskin Robbins or Haagen Daaz, nor any of those famous ice-cream chains but you are still free to choose the toppings to go with your ice-cream.
Freshly made from coconut flesh, the ice cream is a refreshing treat and the aromatic coconut flavor will keep you hooked after your first try.

Mango Sticky Rice
Many mango lovers will stick to this dessert as their favorite must-have when visiting Thailand, and there is no way this is not available at the world's largest weekend market.

Tab Thim Krob (Water chestnut/red rubies in coconut milk dessert)
This is Thai's most loved desserts and is a must have for those who have never tried it.
I did not see that many stalls selling this dessert, and I only spotted this stall.

Another that my friends stumbled upon was this Roast Pork on a skewer stall

Mango Salad
This was probably a version of the Malaysian rojak; only instead of the usual shrimp paste used in our country, the one used here is the tamarind paste which lent a sourish taste to the half-ripe mangoes.

There are also many other stalls nestled within a food court-like environment where the food stalls are grouped together; and the strong aroma of cooking, frying and clanking sounds of the woks and pans can be smelt and heard from the outside.

One will never be short of food and drinks supply when in Bangkok, and if you have ever been there, you will know what I mean.
Enjoy food scouting in Chatuchak!~

Getting to Chatuchak:
Take the BTS (sky train) and get off at Mochit station (that's where we got off) and take a 5-minute walk. There is a pedestrian bridge and go through a park, and you will spot the stalls!

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