Friday, March 30, 2012

My First 48 Hours in Oahu

Sun, sand and surf, tall and lean coconut trees swaying gently to the soft breeze, clear blue skies, emerald green sea, soft white sand, beautiful and bright sunny weather are all images formed to depict Hawaii in one's mind; not to mention the words exotic, tropical, relaxing, sunny; are sets of flamboyant adjectives synonymous with the famous destination for beach vacations and romantic getaways.

Islands are what formed the foundation of the enchantment factor drawing visitors from all over the world to enjoy the exclusivity of these islands across the Pacific, promising bliss and warmth from its sandy shores.

Put on your swimsuit and sunnies, wear your sandals and bring your towel and you are all set for a Hawaiian vacation are probably some of things one may have heard or conjured in their mind when dreaming and plan a getaway to Hawaii, and guess what, I did none of that; on the first 48 hours upon landing on the tropical soil of this famous place!

Alright, no need for panic or distorted shape of frown forming on anyone's face as I am not here only for 48 hour and Oahu, is not at all as pictured when one thinks of the word Hawaii and the closest that one can come to is probably the word Aloha.

Image Hosted by PicturePush - Photo Sharing Oahu is not your typical laid back kind of island; but rather it is a fully developed city and I am referring to office buildings, large shopping malls, busy traffic, patrolling police cars taking place in this very island; the first few scenes which greeted me upon my arrival at the airport.
The airport itself, was a rather enchanting sight with the rustic charm of the architecture and design from the past; but that image fades as soon as one steps out of the airport area and heads to the town.

Image Hosted by PicturePush - Photo Sharing Development sprawled all over Oahu island; with buildings, institutions, and well-built highways emerging into sight as one drives on the highway towards the city center.
These were scenes so familiar to me, that had it not been for the customs officer stamping my passport to admit me entry earlier, I would not be able to believe that I am, indeed, in Hawaii.

Image Hosted by PicturePush - Photo Sharing Image Hosted by PicturePush - Photo Sharing Oahu is indeed an island; of the other islands which offer most of everything and is suitable for families or city dwellers like myself as everything is just easily accessible and available and I find that thought comforting, though I may have lost my memory of my main objective here; which is a romantic island honeymoon with my newlywed husband.

However, I can only blame it on the long and exhausting flight which tire us so much that we whiled the first 12-24 hours with casual activities like driving around and shopping, then heading back to catch up on some beauty sleep to adjust to the local hours; which by the way, is 18 hours behind my local time.
It is not too bad though; as the three quarters of the day difference somehow made it close to some of our meal times thus compensating for the time lag and minimizing our adjustment levels.
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Before a beach or island vacation seeker runs off in the opposite direction upon reading the first part of my article, let me assure that Oahu is not all city-like either as the island still maintains its allure and charms in its well-planned layout of the attraction spots including that of the mystical yet breathtaking views of the mountainous areas, the active harbors, boathouses and also shipyards, the rich cultural and historical background still in place today, the sandy beaches and the blue sea, all awaits visitors in every corner.
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Like a treasure box slowly creaking open to reveal its treasures, it was an exciting and breathtaking experience as I reveled in the pleasure of exploring the island of Oahu; which offers much more than just sun, sand and sea, and promises a journey filled with memories through a rich blend of history, technology, culture and traditions all in one as one takes in bits and pieces of the most developed island in Hawaii.

I may have taken a slow ride on my first 24 hours, but Oahu did not let me stay in my slumber too long as it beckons with its many attractions and itineraries which must be properly planned to ensure one get the best of Oahu and I made sure I started right; with a glimpse into the past of Oahu in the first 48 hours, after taking in the sights of the city.

To be continued...

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