Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Deutches Museum in Munich

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A brainchild of Oskar von Miller, initiated during a meeting of the Association German Engineers, this is the world's largest museum of science and technology.
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This is the main museum located in Central Munich and is a must-see and a must-go place if you are in Munich and I am glad I did so on my last day in Munich.

It is indeed an eye-opener; and you will be amazed by the revolution of science of technology.
If you have enough time, there are 2 other branches of the museum located outside Munich; the Museum of Transportation and the Flight Museum - it is worth if you are an enthusiast:)

I have always loved museums and I looked forward to a good one; after all the Germans were pretty famous for their innovation inventions and technology.
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I was not disappointed and did I mention what an eye-opener it was?

Tickets were not cheap though; 8.50 Euros for Adults (per pax of course) and if you're interested and do have enough time, you can consider purchasing a combo ticket which can enable you to visit the other 2 branches mentioned for a price of 15 Euros.

There were a few sections in the museum and you need more than 1 day to visit the whole museum (Seriously!~)
There were 6 levels; the different departments on the subject of science and technology. Some of the departments may take more than 1 level.
The following is a rough navigation guide through the museum:

- Mining

Ground Floor:
-Cloakroom (not a museum section, just some place for you to hang your coats)
- Petroleum and Natural Gas
- Metals
- Welding and Soldering
- Materials Testing
- Machine Tools
- Power Machinery
- Machine Components
- Electrical Power
- Marine Navigation
- Federal President's Award for Technology and Innovation
- Model Railway
- Tunnel Construction
- Aeronautics (also located on the 1st floor)
- Bridge-building
- Hydraulic Engineering
- Foucault Pendulum

1st Floor
- Museum's History
- Academy Collection
- Energy Technologies
- Physics: Optics, Electron Microscopes, Nuclear Physics
- Aeronautics (from Ground floor)
- Musical Instruments
- Scientific Chemistry
- Pharmacology
- Open Research Laboratory
- Special Exhibitions

2nd Floor
- Altamira Cave
- Glassblowing
- Ceramics
- Glass
- Technical Toys
- Paper
- Printing
- Astronautics
- Photo, Film
- Textiles
- Environment

3rd Floor
- Astronomy 1
- Geodesy
- Computers
- Microelectronics
- Mathematical Cabinet
- Telecommunications
- Agriculture
- Food Technology
- Chronometry
- Weights and measures

4th-6th Floor
- Amateur Astronomy
- Amateur Radio
- Astronomy 2
- Zeiss Planetarium ( you need additional 2Euros tickets to this)
- Sundial Garden

Now that's a long list, and you may not be able to cover it in one day; let alone a few hours. You may need to select your sections to make it more time-efficient and to get the most out of your trip.

Don't worry, cameras are allowed for personal photography.
Videography or any massive documentary photography, you need written permission.

If you're like me, to make the most out of your visit, these are the must-visit sections in the museum:

Mining - this was one of the best and greatest part in the tour!
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You have to enjoy the realistic make of the mines and caves and also the statues to emulate the same environment of mining in the olden days
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The Marine Department - all the famous war ships and also go through the evolving inventions in this section
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Aeronautics - here you can see all the various types of planes, from the Wright Brothers' first plane to the first helicopter
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Astronautics is also not a bad idea
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I made a detour to the Electronics and Electrical section; well, actually this was my first stop since it was the nearest to the entrance
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Siemens, the Germans' largest inventors
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Agriculture was pretty interesting too
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Measurements/Mathematical is an interesting insight
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Clocks - inventions through time
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Did it interest you?
Well, it did for me, and I have gained more than what I have bargained for:)
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This is what we really call education!~
Don't forget to include this in your itinerary if you're ever in Munchen :D

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