Thursday, May 22, 2008

Vegetarian Lunch in Lantau Island

Everyone who makes a trip to Lantau Island to visit the Giant Buddha will not miss the opportunity to sample the vegetarian meal here.
In fact, when you purchase the tickets to the Giant Buddha, you will have the choice to either include the vegetarian lunch in the package; which was what we did:)
And NO regrets!

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Spring Rolls (Choon Peang) - Awesome!
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Crunchy and filled with the vegetables; it was really tasty! (and not oily too!)

Mushrooms with brussel sprouts
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Fresh and tasty; the vegetables and the mushrooms were a perfect blend!!

Beancurd with loads of sweet corn
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So smooth and delicate; absolutely yummy! (my fave duo in a combined dish:)

Cucumber with mock meat
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Another great dish; the mock meat complimented the crunchy cucumber so well....

The pot of rice for the meal
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On our way back, we bought Beancurd custard (Tau Foo Fa) for with ginger and brown sugar:)
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