Wednesday, January 22, 2014

My Escapade to Bangkok

I have to admit, that when my friends asked if I wanted to join on an all-girls' trip to Bangkok, I was rather skeptical. Security may be one of the reasons of course, but there was also the part of planning six months in advance which posed a lot of doubts and uncertainties especially when dealing with a work schedule like mine (well, even with work aside, personal things could come up at the very last minute too).
I am not one for early travel planning or for making booking in advance mainly because my schedule can be rather unpredictable and I like to play safe. At least I could travel with a peace of mind once I have everything under control.
However, I decided to take the risk this time for; it sounds like fun, and besides, I have not traveled with the girls before and Bangkok was one place where I hopped on and off the plane most of the time for layovers or extremely short trips where all I remembered of the city was how the airport looked like, and probably the busy traffic. (I was in the cab most of the time, trying to get to the hotel or the airport anyway).
It was really a spur of the moment thing and to be frank, I was almost caught in last minute changes prior to the trip! Apart from that, I was convinced by my best gal pal who was really like me in lots of ways, who was rather familiar with the city and could help us get through the itinerary planning.

There were news of demonstrations the same week of our trip, but nothing major and we went ahead on the trip. It was a rather good reason for me to catch my breath from the stress piling up to my chin; and I was really looking forward to having a relaxing time; traipsing the streets for interesting sights, do a little shopping and catching up with my old school girlfriends.

Flight food (to be frank, I personally find that Malaysia Airlines and Singapore Airlines serve better in-flight meals than any other airlines I have taken).

Our luggages; not planned but somewhat turned out to be in a rather unique sequence in height =)

It was a short flight from KL to Bangkok; probably an hour plus with our neighboring country (our destination) lagging an hour behind us. The one-hour difference did get us muddled up at times, but it was manageable as we were only there for a couple of days. Besides, the worst scenario would be either sleeping an hour earlier or waking up an hour later, right?

A glimpse of our hotel lobby;  recommended by our 'guide' - Novotel Siam Square.


This is just a short post as a sneak peek into my trip and will be followed by more posts on the vibrant and bustling city...

To be continued...

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