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Hotel Review: JW Marriott Kuala Lumpur

Long known for luxury and comfort, Marriott hotels is no longer a newbie in the hospitality and tourism sector; with their hotels marking almost every major city and town in the world.
It is not hard to find a Marriott hotel in a city; much less in a metropolitan city which is the capital of the country and it is in the heart of Kuala Lumpur where Marriott stands on its turf.
Run by the YTL Corporation here, JW Marriott stands proudly on the high profile streets of Bukit Bintang in the booming area known as the Golden Triangle of Kuala Lumpur city.
Its strategic location teamed with the prolific name of the luxury brand of Marriott, this was rightfully set on the path to success, attracting crowds from local travelers to international business/leisure travelers (and avid shoppers), especially from the Middle East, to their doorstep.
JW Marriott, is surrounded by a few shopping malls and restaurants and all within walking distance.
Pavilion, Lot 10, Fahrenheit, are all within walking distance, and Starhill, one of KL (and Malaysia's) most premier and luxurious shopping mall is right within the building itself.
Flanked by the newly renovated Louis Vuitton store on one side and another luxury hotel, Westin on the other, this is unmistakably the best location for anyone to get to the heart of the city, without even worrying about transportation.

Oh yes, I have been here, and memorably so (again, not sponsored post, so I am not advertising but rather, just writing based on my personal experiences and throwing a couple of opinions along the way).

From the foyer on the residential floors as one approaches their hotel room

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As you can see, most of the interior design of the place are inspired by the concept from the colonial eras; with the high emphasis on wood and brass on their rooms and furniture.
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Alley leading to the guest rooms
(Apologies for the blurry image as I was maneuvering my luggage, and I was usually dead tired when I reached my hotel, hence I don't even have time to snap photos of the reception area - will take note for the next time)

Upon entering the room, one can find the wardrobe and a large mirror on one side and the two-doors opening up to reveal the bathroom and mini bar on the other.

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Bathroom was brightly lit; which is a good thing for I always liked good lighting in the bathroom, and of course amenities were sufficient to keep the guests happy, and helped to take some weight off packing those toiletries which are all readily available and nicely arranged on the marble tab.

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There is even bath salt; something like what they provided in Pangkor Laut Resort, for that DIY spa experience during bath time.

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There is the bathtub on one side, and the other; was the shower room and the toilet next to it.
My only complaint is that the shower room was rather squeezed in its space, and does not seem to have much breathing room. It is just like a case of claustrophobic situation and I always felt like I was squeezed into a space with a thick piece of glass wedged to close the area, and I am not claustrophobic, mind you.
The glass door seems need to oiling on its hinges too; in some of the rooms I have stayed.
Besides that, the bathroom was just perfect :-)
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Past the short alley leading into the bedroom and living area of the room (I don't have a good shot of it though), is my favorite part which is the inviting king-sized poster bed with soft fluffy pillows (always have a good number of pillows) for a good night's sleep.
A picture of luxurious comfort, and always makes me long to go to bed (inspired me to have this setting in my own bedroom) and just feels like staying in bed. Bummer when I am on business trips...

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I loved the details they put in making the bedding area such a picture of comfort, can you see the number of pillows and the little bolster?
There is just something about hotels; and Marriott just does it best in their bed settings I must say.
Also, notice that the lighting have taken on a different tone in this area?

Then there is the comfy long sofa which just contributes to making it all a homey environment, to plonk in with a cushion to the chest while watching the television.
What a picture of a bumming potato couch, right? ;-)

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Depending on the direction in which your room faces, sometimes you would be pleasantly surprised and awestruck by the breathtaking view of the magnificent KLCC Petronas Twin Towers, standing proudly, all lit up, playing her role well as one of Kuala Lumpur city's iconic landmarks.

Otherwise a view like this, of the typical traffic on the streets of the capital of Malaysia, is not too bad too, and can be quite entertaining when you see how the cars are lined up (in traffic jams). May be a sight, but not quite for those stuck in the traffic themselves...yeah, awful thought!

Perhaps one can just focus on the dimming of the lights in the city's skyscrapers?

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Comfy setting and a glimpse of the city in a snapshot on the glass windows, is just good to set one to snooze mood and bids the city of Kuala Lumpur a good night~

Breakfast starts from 6.00am and is served at their Shook! Restaurant located on the lower ground floor of the building.

Image Hosted by PicturePush - Photo Sharing

Image Hosted by PicturePush - Photo SharingThough I don't have photos of their breakfast spread, there is not much less of an expectation of a 5-star breakfast in Marriott and service is just impeccable.

JW Marriott is truly a gem in the city, and if you are a frequent traveler, you can earn from your Marriott Rewards loyalty programme, or in Kuala Lumpur, I believe you can also use the YTL membership (not sure about that though).

Make your reservations early; it may be a luxury hotel but it is always, almost, fully booked.
This post is not sponsored nor intended for advertising for Marriott or YTL in any way and I am not associated with either corporation.

Looking forward to my next stay~ :-)

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