Monday, February 10, 2014

Street-seeing and Terminal 21 Shopping Mall

This is probably my fourth time landing in Bangkok, and it is finally the one that I get to experience Bangkok a little more than the other times when I just stopover for a night, only taking in the night scenery of the bustling metropolis which stands as the capital of Thailand. Being the capital, it is no wonder that most of the flights to the many attractions in Thailand are to fly in to the Suvarnabhumi International Airport before heading to the other destinations in the country.
While Thailand is famous for the many beautiful beaches and vacation getaways, the capital city of Bangkok was not overshadowed; not in the least, as the city was famed for the sprawling streets and many shopping malls which made this city known to many as the shopping capital. Choices vary from affordable to luxurious, and quality for the affordable range will not fail your expectation.
Besides shopping, the city plays up to its name as the capital with the many temples and even the royal palace which wooed many tourists from all over the globe with its striking and stunning magnificence. (I will be sharing on this shortly in my upcoming post)

I was just excited to be able to finally tour the city although this was more of a relaxation trip rather than a itinerary-busted one. Still, it did not dampen my spirit as I was just keen to explore the streets on foot in my first few hours upon arrival; as we arrived in the late afternoon.

At the BTS station

Food stalls can be found everywhere on the streets; around the corner and even below a pedestrian bridge. The Thais do love their street food, and the food selection varies from every stall. While there may be two or more stalls selling the same thing, but in general, there are many options available and it is really interesting to check out what each stall has to offer.

Grilled food on skewers like these are quite popular; and they look amazing though we didn't stop to try.
Prices were quite affordable too, but I am never one who can take street food well. I blame it on my sensitive tummy.

We headed to one of the latest and most trendy shopping mall; Terminal 21 which was famed for its unique design and creativity.
Each level in the mall was modeled after the theme of a famous city, with the decorations emulating the atmosphere/landmarks of those major cities.
Furthermore, the escalators leading to the next level are also designed in a way where they resembled the departure gates in the airport; taking off to another country theme on the next level. I find this concept rather fresh and amusing; and cool too, after hearing and reading so much about this famous mall.

Hollywood level was logically, for the cinemas and entertainment, which just makes perfect sense!

The escalators span for four storeys high~

The iconic landmark of San Francisco; the Golden Gate Bridge!
(It's interesting how I always see things from my most recent travel; I was only in San Francisco a couple of months before this Bangkok trip)

The San Francisco trolley train

The Royal Palace Guards on the level themed after London


We walked around and enjoyed many unique sights on each level; while taking photos along the way and window shopped for a short while before our dinner.

Dinner was at one of the famous chain of restaurants; MK Restaurant . Well, typically I post about food in my food blog, but this time, I will just briefly share some of the photos from our dinner here.

Dessert at the food court

Wrapped up the day and the night with the famous Mango Sticky Rice which my friends were swooning about (not me as I am not a fan, yeah, sadly)

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