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Enjoy Tai Hu Lake from Turtle Head Islet/Peninsula

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Tai Hu Lake is the third largest lake in China, and also another lake to add to the list of the top amazing scenery in the country.
The lake is one of the five most famous freshwater lakes; and covers a vast area of 2,420 square kilometres which covers two provinces; Zhejiang and Jiangsu.

To enjoy the breathtaking view of the lake, Turtle Head Peninsula/Islet is the ideal location as it is stretched like a turtle out towards the lake, thus earning its name.
The islet is shaped like a turtle gently docking its celestial head to take a further look.

Visitors can take in the view of the lake from the gardens of this popular tourist attraction; the Turtle Head Peninsula Park or also fondly known as 'Yuan Tou Zhu' (literally means Head of the Dragon Turtle).
The gardens and the whole park offers an amazing and panoramic view of the large lake Taihu, while taking in the natural settings of the trees, flowers and landscapes set in the park.

A stroll in the park during winter is definitely not as hot as in the summer, but I'd wished to see the cherry blossoms in their full bloom; in the Sino-Japanese garden where most of the cherry blossoms tree were donated by Japan.
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These trees are planted and can be seen (in the winter, for us, they have all withered) after one walks through the Jianjin and Lishe gate.
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The Changchun Bridge (translated into Long Spring Bridge) is the first scenic spot; and it is also where the lake is sort of separated into two parts.
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At the end of the bridge, cherry blossom trees are planted on both of the banks and it was said that when in full bloom (usually in April), the place would seem like it was covered with pink clouds. I am sure it is an enchanting sight for all the visitors to enjoy.
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From the bridge, there is also another lotus pond and Huxin Pavilion to look out for.
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This is a place best to enjoy the lotus flowers in the pond especially during summer.
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A turtle with a dragon head statue was erected in the middle of park; after the name of the park.
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It was definitely more windy and chilly to walk through the gardens during winter season, but the view was still nevertheless stunning.
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From this park, one can reach the adjoining island (one of the three small islands) by boat to continue enjoying the beautiful scenery of the lake, which will be in the next post.

The Turtle Head Peninsula Park is not to be missed if one wants to fully indulge in the beauty of Tai Hu Lake as it has been visited by many poets and scholars in the past which rendered it many recommendations, and earning it the Best Spot to enjoy Tai Hu.
In fact, Guo Murou, a modern poet was said to have composed a poem to praise this park,
"Where owns the best scenery of Taihu Lake? It is just on the Turtle Head Park" (source)

To be continued...

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