Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Enjoying (non) lobster meal at Red Lobster (Chandler)

One of the interesting news I have heard since last year is the upcoming closure of Red Lobster restaurant, an American chain specializing in the crustacean sector, obviously mentioned in the naming of the restaurant itself.


It brought back to mind my very own experience at Red Lobster, a year or so ago in the Chandler outlet. I was there for a simple lunch while on a short trip to that part of the country.
Red Lobster, named after the core business as the crustacean specialist, has more than 700 outlets all over the world, originating from Orlando, Florida.

Originally started by two entrepreneurs, Bill Darden and Charley Woodsby, in 1968, the restaurant became one of the local names offering seafood in its casual-themed dining environment and quickly grew in its operations, shortly after garnering the attention and interests of the locals in the 1980s.

Late last year (2014), there were rumors spreading around that Red Lobster is on its way to cease operations which was quickly clarified to be false as Red Lobster was merely acquired by the Golden Gate Capital, taking over from the Darden Restaurants in July.

Indeed it was good news to hear that this seafood-themed restaurant is not closing down, and the fact that they have even extended their outlets to my part of the country (which I have yet to try for myself).

My love for seafood is well-satisfied by the menu offering in Red Lobster and it is definitely one of personal favorites to fulfill that seafood persona in me.


The aromatic and buttery soft crusted bun served straight from the oven was the right start to give off an impression for diners, tempting the palates and there is no way to resist this as its fragrant aroma just seduces your senses and turn away as you might, you just might give in to take that little bite.


Enjoyed a lovely Peach Smoothie to chill myself against the hot weather of Arizona
I have always loved peaches, and the flavor of this exquisite fruit just soothe and comforts my soul, and I loved that there is that little strawberry sticking beside my drink along with a slice of lemon, all making up an awesome combination of a drink!



Oven-broiled Wild Caught Flounder with broccoli and wild rice pilaf as sides.
I simply had to have fish, especially when it's claimed to be fresh catch, no offense to the lobsters and this convinced that I still made the right choice.


Averagely sliced and the freshness from the oven maintained the tender juicy fillet of the fish and the broccoli was lightly broiled where the crunch of the florets are just right to my liking.
Wild rice pilaf is an interesting addition, and has that unique taste of a combination of flavors to complement the fish.

Fish Tacos, I can't remember the actual name of the dish anymore was a generous serving which can serve two definitely!


Caesar's Salad was quite simple, nothing much to rave about as we just wanted some greens for our meal.


The star of the meal is definitely this Sweet Chili Shrimps, which was wickedly appetizing with its sweet sauce enveloping the scrumptious and crunchy fresh and hand-battered shrimps.
This is a generous serving as well, and while it is meant to be a starter, we loved it so much that we took our time to relish every bite, or shrimp.
It is really, finger-licking good and the zesty taste of the sauce was not just great company to the shrimps but also the neatly shredded lettuce leaves forming the bed for the shrimps to rest upon.



I have fallen for the ravishing beauty and flavorful tastes of these shrimps that I could even relive the tastes as though it is still nestled against my taste buds as I stare at these photos.
Yes, that is how obsessed I am with this dish and it just officially instigated my interest and craving for shrimps suddenly!

While lobsters may be the theme of the restaurant and I did not try any on my visit, I am looking forward to return, especially when they have clarified that they are not closing down anyway.
I will wait patiently to return to their original outlets in their home country, but at the same time, I heard that they are already operating in my country.


It is definitely time to pay my own local outlets of this American casual dining chain in Malaysia, like, really soon?

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