Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Hotel Review: Hilton Garden Inn Anaheim

I have always been a fan of Hilton (and Marriott), and I have been a loyal member for years.
Therefore it is no surprise that my first stay upon arrival would be in the Hilton Garden Inn, one of the hotels under the Hilton brand.

The skies were dark although it was barely seven in the evening; and with the cool breeze outside, I was looking forward to the welcoming warmth in the hotel.
Checking in was brisk and it was a very homey ambiance in the hotel lobby.

The hotel still uses the key card system, but nevertheless, it is still pretty much the familiar sight of the cosy rooms in that good old Hilton style.

There is one thing about the beds and pillows in Hilton, they are always made to be comfortable and one can also request for the types of pillows as well in certain Hilton hotels and for their turndown service.

Hilton Garden Inn was a rather modest hotel; yet equipped with the basic amenities in the mini bar counter and also their bathroom which ensured a comfortable stay and staying true to the Hilton style.

Trust good old Hilton to engage reputable brands such as Neutrogena to provide the basic amenities from shower gels to shampoo and soaps.

While most hotels in US do not come with free breakfast, Hilton Garden Inn does in their own little dining area, with orders taken from the guests for pancakes, waffles, or eggs and served hot right from the kitchen.
There is also the counter where one can help oneself to the fresh juices, yoghurt, fresh milk, muffins and fruits, along with pastries.

While the breakfast choices are not as luxurious as the international buffet spread, Hilton Garden Inn still serve the good old American breakfast with the availability of the hearty favorites loved by the locals.

The hospitality and the environment are just Hilton and if that is not the reason enough, how about the fact that it is located on the same street as the Disneyland of Los Angeles, and there is free shuttle provided by the hotel to Disneyland?

Hilton, as always, is home and hospitality at its best!~

Note: This is not a sponsored post and I am not affiliated to the hotel. 
All comments are purely based on personal experiences and opinions and may differ for individuals.

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