Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Flying with class, Singapore Airlines Business

There is always a silver lining beneath every cloud, and that everything happens for a reason were just the two familiar phrases ringing in my mind as I was sitting at the lounge whiling time away, waiting for my flight, and for a good reason too, especially after the harrowing experience just the day before as I was about to get on my flight.

While it was definitely an unforgettable experience, it did make two of them as I could not believe that I was about to be boarding the flight and this time, seated in the business class section.
It was about to my first experience, and one that I will not forget.
(It may be common for many people who have been traveling business class for years, and may even chuckle at me :-) but I don't mind, as I will probably laugh at myself too years from now on).

Flying business class does not makes one rich, and it is also not all about the prestige and luxury but rather the comfort and the experience especially for the long haul flights; sometimes even
Of course, it elevates one's status with the priority check-in counter designated for the Business and First Class flyers and also the business lounges available for these priority flyers on Singapore Airlines operated flights; the Silver Kris Lounge or the Krisflyer Gold Lounge.

Silver Kris Lounge is accessible for Singapore Airlines Suites, First, Business Class and PPS club members while the Krisflyer Gold Lounge is accessible for the KrisFlyer Elite Gold Member on Singapore Airlines economy class.
(Requirements may differ for codeshare flights though).

Silver Kris Lounge in KLIA (Kuala Lumpur International Airport) is well-equipped with the basic facilities; from comfortable couches and Wi-Fi Access to the mini bar counter serving food and drinks, and washrooms/bathrooms to the racks filled with magazines and daily news. To top all that, there is the friendly and hospitable service from the staff to make your waiting time a pleasant one.

Enjoy the view of the daily scenes taking place at the airport while sipping the juices or typing away at your laptop as you relax in their comfy seats.

Boarding the plane was smooth and swift, as the moment the boarding commences, priority is given to the elderly, the infirm and those traveling with children for the economy class while the Suites, First, Business Class and PPS Club members are all free to board at their own convenience anytime.
A different gate for access to the First and Business Class section for the short flight to Singapore.

Luxe leather seats, larger and more comfortable seat spacing and for one to stretch their legs are just the few things to enjoy at first glance.

The flight attendants are attentive as always (even in economy class), and they would be ready with fresh juices and beverages to serve the Business Class passengers while the other passengers are boarding the plane. It may be a short flight, but Singapore Airlines definitely took to note the comfort of their passengers with their hospitality.
The refreshment snack served on my morning flight was the Croissant with seafood otak-otak; a common yet down-to-earth snack but served in a classy gourmet meal setting, complete with napkins and stainless steel cutlery.

The experience made the flight seemed shorter than usual, not to mention the first class service provided by the flight attendants.

However, the real deal came with the long haul flight which was truly a memorable experience and one with class with every detail being taken care of to make the long hours as comfortable as possible  for us passengers.
Larger and well-spaced seats promised more privacy to the passengers with their cube-like enclosures .
Take note that the seat numbers are on the side rather than the top as in economy class, and the slightly encapsulated area of one's seat is a good idea for one to enjoy their movies, reading or even sleeping at their own comfort without feeling like they are being watched by everyone.

There is more than sufficient space for one's seat to recline in a graceful manner, in fact; the seat was designed to recline all the way to make a flat bed for one to sleep on.
The space behind the seat; before it folds and flattens, stores the pillows and blankets reserved especially for the personal use of the seat owner.

There is also different sections in the tv screen panel in front; with USB ports and sockets for charging and for electronic devices use, alongside with a hook for hanging coat, vanity mirror with light, and a foldable and adjustable foot rest as shown below.

There are also additional compartments by the side (for window seats) to store their personal belongings in a tidy manner when one goes to sleep or during the flight.

When it comes to service with a class, Singapore Airlines proved that they are into the details with their aim to ensure their passengers enjoy a comfortable flight.
It lies all in the details; from the design of the seats to the materials used and the space, to the special menu and the settings for a good dining experience which make all the difference for the Business Class (and I am sure it is even better in the First and Suites Class).

Nothing slips the mind of these folks behind Singapore Airlines, as each meal is served with proper settings and fine cutlery, and most importantly, with a smile by the friendly flight attendants.

The menu provided specially crafted meals by their very own chefs; who did an amazing job with the food selection and the presentation of each dish from the appetizers to the main course and the desserts.

Besides the main meals, there is also an all-day dining menu which offers tidbits and light snacks should one get hungry during the long flight.
Just request from the flight attendant and they will be delighted to serve you; the same goes for the drinks with many being special signature concoctions exclusive to Singapore Airlines.

Singapore Airlines Sunrise Sling (or something like that)

It was truly a wonderful experience and I look forward to many more to come.
Prices of the Business Class may be steep; with probably double the price that of economy, but the long haul flights promise a comfortable flight and a good rest throughout the flight.

Comfort, luxury, hospitality and class are all rolled into one on the Business Class of Singapore Airlines and is an exemplary standard to meet their passengers' requirements.

I am not in any way sponsored by Singapore Airlines to write this post, but just merely sharing my personal experience.
I am also not against the Economy Class, as I fly on economy regularly and they are still good too and there is no lowering of standards in the economy class though one can expect the difference in the offering of the facilities, but generally they still strive very hard to meet all their passengers' requirements.

Now, did I also mention that there are also priority tags for the Business Class passengers' luggages? *winks*

*Note: This is not a sponsored post, and is just a personal experience. I am in no way affiliated with Singapore Airlines and am not against Economy Class flights which I do fly on a regular basis.
Thank you.

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