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Hotel Review: The Gardens Hotels and Residences

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The Gardens Hotels and Residences is part of the CHM hotels group; and is part of the trilogy hotels under the group located in the strategic location of the Mid Valley City.
A luxury hotel located right next to the elegant settings of new and exclusive Gardens Mall, this hotel is a favorite among the business travelers and also the enthusiastic tourists looking for a good location in the midst of the hectic metropolitan city of Kuala Lumpur.
There is plenty to offer from this hotel; from the strategic location to the 5-star ranking and the comfortable environment within the premises, one can only enter and leave without feeling like they have left home at all.

This became my second resident when I was taking short business trips to the city; and though I was a local myself, the hotel made it all welcoming and with the comforts (or luxuries) of home, sometimes I wished I did not have to rush off to meetings or back to the other site for work.
The Deluxe rooms were just welcoming, with the neatly made king-sized bed plopped in front of the flat screen television perched on top of a long and wide working table with drawers and a swivel chair, it was a combination of business and a little peek of leisure all in one.

Mainly serving business travelers, the design of the hotel rooms were more suited for work yet at the same time not compromising the comforts of home in that little aspect.

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The design was well thought of; with ample space for moving around and there were sufficient lighting in the room; and there were side tables next to the bed with most of the switches available should one make themselves comfortable in bed.
There is also a telephone beside the bed, with a notepad and a pen, while on the other side of the bed is a digital alarm clock to serve its purpose of waking the busy workers to get to their business destinations on time after a long day at work.

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Interior design was simple and kept to a minimum; which was good, for me, as I prefer minimalist style which makes it easier to unwind and relax, or get quickly down to business.

The bathrooms were also designed to be spacious; though it may not be the same depending on the type of rooms or the location of the rooms due to the building space itself. However, in general, I can say, based on my personal experiences after being a regular here, that most of the bathrooms will make even the claustrophobic happy with the amount of space and contemporary design.

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One of the key criteria to rating a hotel's rank is the facilities and of course, the availability of the amenities for the comforts of the guests.

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While some hotels have failed to live up to their expectations, I was impressed at the details which ran through the thoughtful minds of this hotel where they have provided almost everything to make the guests feel at home.
Shaving kit, toothbrush kit, vanity kit with cotton buds, shower caps, lotion, shampoo, bath gel, hand soap, face soap, hand towels, floor mats, face towels, bath towels, hair dryer, weighing scale, sewing kit, tissue box are all available in the room without having to call for housekeeping or paying anything extra.
This truly captured my heart, and I must say it was a job well done by the team at this hotel.

In some of the rooms, there are even dedicated dressing tables within the bathroom or next to the bathroom itself. I loved the thought of a dressing table as it was more convenient for me to make myself up on a proper dressing table rather than standing inside the bathroom (well, that's the conventional me!)

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Glimpse of a room in a corner location

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After a few visits, I was starting to be a regular at this hotel and I was surprised by the warm greetings by the hotel staff who could remember me.
I was even treated to goodies as part of the returning guests/loyalty rewards programme, and a special and kind gesture was the surprise goodies box I received in my room :-)

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Thank you, I enjoyed my stay.

For more information, you can check out their website.
While the hotel rooms were comfortable, the breakfast buffet at The Spread, located on the 6th Floor of the hotel, serving international style buffet every morning from as early as 6.00am until 10.00am.

Security was also well-maintained, with the installation of CCTVs around the premises, and the controlled entries to the hotel rooms via access cards at the elevators.
Everything is automated and the design of the hotel is conceptualized to ensure the comfort and ease of mind of their guests, while keeping up with the modern technology.

I will share another post to review their other type of room soon...

The Gardens Residences, Lingkaran Syed Putra, Mid Valley City, 59200 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel: +603-2268 1188

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